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Saturday May 3rd, 2014
First Annual Kalona Spring Driving Horse Sale
Friday May 2nd Schedule:
Recommending and Driving at 6:00 p.m.
Saturday May 3rd Schedule:
Recommending and Driving Demonstration at 8:00 a.m.
Sale starts at 10:00 a.m.
Catalog Deadline April 29th 2014
Kalona Sales Barn: 319-656-2222
Early Listings for Spring Driving Horse Sale May 3rd:
Trotting Bred Standardbred Horses:
2010 Bay Gelding: Sire: Jailhouse Jesse, Dam’s Sire: King Conch

2010 Bay Gelding: Sire: CR Commando, Dam’s Sire: Giant Victory

2010 Bay Gelding: Sire: Malabar Maple, Dam’s Sire: LB Smiger

2010 Bay Mare: Sire: Angus Hall, Dam’s Sire: Yankee Paco

2010 Bay Gelding: Sire: Kadabra, Dam’s Sire: Mr. Lavco

2009 Black Gelding: Sire: Mossy Oak, Dam’s Sire: Giant Hitt

2007 Bay Gelding: Sire: Angus Hall, Dam’s Sire: Enjoy Lavec

2011 Bay Gelding: Sire: Muscle Mass, Dam’s Sire: Self Possessed

2011 Black Gelding: Sire: Federal Flex, Dam’s Sire: Royal Strength

2005 Bay Gelding: Sire: Angus Hall, Dam’s Sire: Earl

2007 Black Gelding: Sire: APLindy, Dam’s Sire: Sierra Kosmos

2011 Black Gelding: Sire: Windsong Espoir, Dam’s Sire: Final Play

2009 Black Mare: Sire: Fourth and One, Dam’s Sire: Balanced Image

2010 Bay Mare: Sire: Ken Warkentin, Dam’s Sire: Angus Hall

2010 Bay Gelding: Sire: Bands Gold Chip, Dam’s Sire: Giant Triumph

2011 Bay Mare: Sire: Taurus Dream, Dam’s Sire: Daguet Rapide

2010 Bay Gelding: Sire: South Fork, Dam’s Sire: King Conch

2011 Bay Gelding: Sire: Mutineer, Dam’s Sire: Dream of Glory

2010 Bay Gelding: Sire: Muscle Mass, Dam’s Sire: Self Possessed

2007 Black Gelding: Duke of York, Dam’s Sire: Striking Sahbra

2007 Black Mare: Sire: Dream Vacation, Dam’s Sire: Sir Taurus

2007 Bay Mare: Sire: Cherry Hills, Dam’s Sire: Speed Boots

2010 Bay Gelding: Sire: Northern Bailey, Dam’s Sire: Imperial Angus

2010 Bay Mare: Sire: Crazed, Dam’s Sire: Yankee Glide

2009 Bay Gelding: Sire: Gut Instinct, Dam’s Sire: King Conch

2010 Bay Mare: Sire: Kadabra, Dam’s Sire: Victor Victor

2010 Bay Gelding: Sire: Full Count, Dam’s Sire: Victory Sam

2010 Bay Mare: Sire: Amigo Hall, Dam’s Sire: Garland Lobell

2008 Bay Mare: Sire: Incredible Abe, Dam’s Sire: Chief Litigator

2010 Bay Mare: Sire: Psychic Spirit, Dam's Sire: Trottin Happy

2008 Bay Gelding: Sire: Valley Victor, Dam's Sire: Meadow Road

2008 Bay Mare: Sire: Shadow of a Crown, Dam's Sire: Heather Cameron

2007 Bay Mare: Sire: Tuff as Millie, Dam's Sire: Cooper Lobell

2010 Bay Gelding: Sire: Thunder Road, Dam's Sire: Guided Speed

2010 Black Gelding: Sire: Parliament, Dam's Sire: Proud Crown

1997 Bay Gelding: Sire: Sierra Kosmos, Dam's Sire: Arndon

2007 Brown Gelding: Sire: Allamerican Ingot, Dam's Sire: Jate Lobell

2010 Bay Mare: Sire: Western Hero, Dam's Sire: Bold Hope

2011 Bay Gelding: Sire: Southwind Breeze

2010 Bay Gelding: Sire: Royal Trubador

2008 Bay Gelding: Sire: Zippy Star

2011 Black Gelding: Sire: Man River

Dutch Harness Standardbred Cross Horses:

2011 Bay Gelding: Sire: Majesteip, Dam’s Sire: Armbro Charger

2011 Bay Gelding: Sire: V-S-1138, Dam’s Sire: I Look Like My Mom

2007 Bay Gelding: Sire: Teo, Dam’s Sire: Standardbred

Pacing Bred Standardbred Horses:

2007 Black Mare: Sire: Inprepid Seelster, Dam’s Sire: Die Laughing

American Saddlebred Horses:

2010 Roan Gelding: Sire: Anacacho's Rendezvous, Dam's Sire: Symbol's Spring Fever


 Tack 8:30 a.m. ~ Outside Equipment  9:00 a.m. ~ Horses 11:00 a.m.

To Catalogue a Horse go to "Consignment Form Icon"

Kalona Pull'r Inn Motel: 319-656-3611  ~ Riverside Hotel & Casino: 319-648-1234
Hawkeye Motel, Washington, Ia: 1-800-639-4295  ~ Super 8 Motel, Washington, Ia: 319-653-6621
                                     **Draft Horse Sales go to Draft Sale Link for info**
                                 **Standardbred Horse Sale Link scroll down this page**
For more information contact:
Devin Mullet: 319-936-0675 or Barn 319-656-2222 

**Coggins required on all horses. Federal Lab on site. $25.00/horse.

**Mares must be vet checked

**Commission 7% or minimum of $20.00 per head.



PO BOX 820 ~ 121-9TH STREET

KALONA, IA 52247

DEVIN MULLET: 319-936-0675 ~ SALES BARN: 319-656-2222




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