Draft Horses, Carriages & Antiques

Kalona February Workhorse Sale

Was held February 1st, 2021
Thank You Buyers & Sellers!

Kalona Spring Draft Horse
& Carriage Sale
April 12th & 13th, 2021

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Catalog and Supplement now closed.
Horses accepted through sale time and will now receive their lot number first come first served sale day.
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Mon. April 12th Schedule:
9:00 AM: Running 3 Rings: Horse-Drawn Machinery, Equipment, Field Items, Antiques, New & Used Tack.
10:00 AM: Harness, Collars, Saddles & Western Collectibles.
1:00 PM: Carriages, Wagons, Carts, Sleighs, Buggies, etc.
7:00 PM: Draft Horse Pull!

Tues. April 13th Schedule:
9:00 AM: Draft Breeds, Draft cross, Haflingers, Mules, Light Driving Teams, Driving Horses, Saddle Horses & Ponies!


Early Consignments April 12th:

Draft Team Bio Harness with 3 Strap Britchen, Complete. 

Two Wheel Horse Cart with Back Entry, Varnished Wood. 

Black and Red Surrey, Bench Seat, 2 or 3 Passenger. 

New Idea, Model 10 Manure Spreader. Original and in excellent condition. Museum quality.

Birdsell Wagon with Seat.

Handmade Two Wheel Ox Cart. This Ox Cart came out of Pueblo, Mexico with a load of pottery. The former owner told me this cart was in the Mexican revolution, I don’t know if it’s the first one (1810) or the second one (1910). Either way it’s very cool! Check out the handmade offset wheels!

Blue & White Vis-A-Vis Carriage.

Black & White Funeral Caisson. 

Brougham Carriage.

lights-1 lights-2

Catalog & Supplement Horses April 13th:


Lot 6: Registered Belgian Gelding: Rocky Meadows Kurt S74569. Red Sorrel, Stripe, Light Mane & Tail. Foaled: 5/9/19. Sire: M & M Acres George by Lengacher’s Special. Dam: T.H.F Bonnie by HJM Kip. Bloodlines going back to: Lencracker’s Continue, C.D.’s Cracker Jack, Remlap Chip Du Marais and Drafty Valley Bobby. 

Lot 7: Registered Belgian Gelding: Carey’s Danielle Spen-Sir G74177. Red Sorrel, Stripe, Spot in Stripe, White Hind Legs, Dark Mane & Tail. Foaled: 4/26/19. Sire: Carey’s Powerful Replay by SB Power Play. Dam: Double A Lad’s Carrie by Redoy Supreme Lad. Bloodlines going back to: L.A. Tami’s Maverick, Meadow View Chuck, Patton’s Supreme and Lake Ledge Matty.  

Lot 8: Registered Belgian Gelding: Mae’s Captain Red S74622. Red Sorrel, Stripe, Light Mane & Tail. Foaled: 5/13/19. Sire: Bloom’s Conqueror Captain by Korry’s Captain. Dam: Kate’s Rowdy Mae by BJ Vision. Bloodlines going back to: L & C Korry, JJM’s Congolaise Jay, Jay-Lou-Supreme and Grange’s Dillinger. 

Lot 9: Registered Belgian Gelding: A & C Sandman S75356. Sorrel, Star, Light Mane & Tail. Foaled: 3/2/20. Sire: Country Road Uconn by Detweiler’sPrinceCharming. Dam: SHF Sofia by Green Meade Brock. Bloodlines going back to: Chickasaw Master’s Prince, C.J. Mitch, Korry’s Conqueror and R.E.R.’s Challenger. 

Lot 10: Registered Belgian Gelding: Dutch Maid Lockset S74827. Red Sorrel, Star, Snip, Light Mane & Tail. Foaled: 4/22/19. Sire: Orndorff’s Master Encore by Orndorff’s U.C. Encore. Dam: Dutch Maid Lara Ann by N-S Captain’s Banner. Bloodlines going back to: Orndorff’s U2 Charlie, Drafty Valley Mikey, Korry’s Captain and Maple Lawn Scott’s Dream. 

Lot 11: Registered Belgian Gelding: LVR Axel G74793. Sorrel, Stripe, Spot on R Side of Body, White Mane & Tail. Foaled: 5/4/19. Sire: Stoney Lake Oz by Stoney Lake Emanuel. Dam: Moonlight Acres Alta by AgRestore’s Convinsor. Bloodlines going back to: Orndorff’s U.C. Encore, H.B. Victory Supreme, Korry’s Captain and McIlrath’s Captain John. 

Lot 12: Registered Belgian Gelding: A.R.’s Bob S74391. Blonde, Stripe, White Mane & Tail. Foaled: 7/15/19. Sire: 6T’s Ned by 6T’s Korry. Dam: Kaskaskia River Melissa by Orndorff’s Captain Bruce. Bloodlines going back to: King’s Final, 6 T’s J C Supreme, Korry’s Captain and Shady Lane Jerry. 

Lot 13: Belgian Gelding: Blonde. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 14: Belgian Gelding: Blonde. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 15: Belgian Gelding: Blonde. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 16: Belgian Gelding: Blonde. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 17: Belgian Gelding: Blonde. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 18: Belgian Mare: Blonde. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 19: Belgian Gelding: Sorrel. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 20: Belgian Gelding: Sorrel. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 21: Belgian Gelding: Sorrel. 2 Year Old.

Lot 22: Belgian Gelding: Sorrel. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 23: Belgian Gelding: Sorrel. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 24: Belgian Gelding: Sorrel. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 25: Belgian Gelding: Sorrel. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 26: Belgian Gelding: Sorrel. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 27: Belgian Gelding: Sorrel. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 28: Belgian Gelding: Sorrel. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 29: Belgian Stud Colt: “Rascal” Yearling. Big, red stud colt. 

Lot 30: Belgian Gelding: Blonde. 9 Year Old. Broke to all farm machinery. Lead horse in the plow. Broke good, but not for beginners. 

Lot 31: Belgian Mare: Blonde, Strip, Light Mane & Tail. 3 Year Old. Started driving. 

Lot 40 & 41: Team Belgian Stud Colts: Red Sorrels, Blaze Faces, White Manes & Tails. Yearlings. Started in harness. 

Lot 42: Belgian Gelding: Red Sorrel, Strip, Light Mane & Tail. 2 Year Old. Halter broke. 

Lot 45 & 46: Belgian Filly & Stud Colt: Blonde Sorrels, Stripes. Filly Foaled: June 2020. Stud Colt Foaled: July 2020. 1/2 Brother & Sister. Out of good working stock. 

Lot 47: Registered Belgian Stud Colt: Buerckley’s Bud “Bud”. Sorrel, Strip, White Legs, White Mane & Tail. Foaled: 5/13/20. Sire: Subilbe Farm’s Major. Dam: Royal E. Cinderella. Flat boned, clean in the joints and hocks. Been in harness and under saddle. 

Lot 51: Belgian Mare: Red Sorrel, Strip. Smooth Mouth. Broke to all farm machinery. 

Lot 52: Belgian Stud Colt: Sorrel, Light Mane & Tail. Foaled: 5/3/20. Sire: TTK Titan by Diehl’s Dakota. Dam: TTK Xylia by AgRestore’s Jay’s Champ, going back to Korry’s Captain. Very nice and quiet. Eligible to register at buyers expense. 

Lot 53: Belgian Stud Colt: Sorrel, White Mane & Tail. Foaled: 4/19/19. Sire: TTK Titan by Diehl’s Dakota. Dam: TTK Violet by Orndorff’s Captain Encore. Nice and quiet. Eligible to register at buyers expense. 

Lot 57 & 58: Team Belgian Mares: “Babe” & “Bell” Light Sorrel. Smooth Mouth. Broke to all farm machinery. 

Lot 59: Belgian Gelding: Red Sorrel. 3 Year Old. 17 HH. Well broke. Good puller.

Lot 64 & 65: Team Belgian Geldings: “Bill” 3 Year Old. “Bud” 6 Year Old. Red Sorrel, Strip, White Mane & Tail. Farm broke. 

Lot 66 & 67: Pair Belgian Mare & Gelding: Red Sorrel, Strip. Coming 2 Years Old. Match real good. 

Lot 73: Belgian Mare: “Maple” Blonde, Stripe, White Long Mane & Tail. 10 Year Old. Broke to all farm machinery. 

Lot 76: Belgian Filly: Red Sorrel, Stripe. Foaled: 4/6/20. Sire: Diehl’s Dokata by BJ Supreme Legacy. Dam: D&E Ruth by High Stakes Esquire x Schwartz Bros. Carla. Selling on application on buyer’s expense. 

Lot 78: Registered Belgian Mare: Korla Korry’s Beauty M134607. Sorrel, Stripe, White on Lower Lip, White Mane & Tail. Foaled: 5/17/15. Sire: BJ Boilermaker by BJ Majesty x Orndorff’s Captain Rose. Dam: Seymour’s Korry’s Karla by Korry’s Captain x Hampel’s May. Bloodlines of: Chickasaw Master’s Prince, L & C Korry and Chickasaw CJ. Broke to farm machinery. Bred 2/9/21 to Encores Navigator S72970. 

Lot 79 & 80: Team Belgian Geldings: Red Sorrel, Strip, White Mane & Tail. 2 Years Old. Well started. 

Lot 81 & 82: Team Belgian Geldings: Red Sorrel. 2 Years Old. Well started. 

Lot 85: Belgian Mare: “Betty” Sorrel, Wide Stripe, White Mane & Tail. Foaled: 4/24/19. 16.5 HH as a 2 Year Old. Home Raised. Green broke. Her Sire and Dam are of our main teams used daily and are both good pullers and safe. 

Lot 86: Belgian Gelding: 2 Year Old. Big, young gelding. Well started. 

Lot 87: Belgian Mare: 20 Year Old. Will be preg checked by sale. She has raised a lot of good colts in her day and is a good puller. 

Lot 88: Belgian Gelding: Red Sorrel, Strip, White Mane & Tail. 5 Year Old. 17 HH. Broke to all farm machinery. Blocky build. Good farm gelding. good puller. Not recommended as a hobby horse, as he is a worker. First time off the farm. 

Lot 89 & 90: Team Belgian Mare & Gelding: Smooth Mouth Mare, 14 Year Old Gelding. Good broke to work. 

Lot 91: Belgian Gelding: Red Sorrel, Stripe, Long White Mane & Tail. 2 Year Old. 16 HH. Broke. Nice and quiet. 

Lot 92: Belgian Filly: Blonde. Yearling. 

Lot 93: Registered Belgian Mare: Red Sorrel, Stripe, White Mane & Tail. 3 Year Old. 17.2 HH. Broke. Nice Mare.  

Lot 102: Belgian Gelding: Blonde. Smooth Mouth. 16 Year Old. Good broke to work. 

Lot 109: Belgian Mare: Strawberry Roan. 12 Year Old. Broke. Ready for work and a good worker. Very heavy in Foal, bred to a Black Crossbred Stallion. 

Supplement Lot 204: Belgian Stud Colt: “Trigger” Light Sorrel, Stripe, White Mane & Tail. Yearling. By a Pullingbred Stallion. Halter broke. 

Supplement Lot 208: Belgian Mare: “Babe” 13 Year Old. Very well broke. Family horse, been in the family the last 10 years. Broke single and double, anyone can use her. 

Supplement Lot 209: Belgian Mare: 15 Year Old. Broke to all farm machinery. 

Supplement Lot 211: Belgian Mare: Smooth Mouth. Open. 

Supplement Lot 220: Belgian Stud Colt: Red Sorrel, Strip, White Mane & Tail. Yearling. 


Lot 1 & 2: Pair Registered Percheron Mares: Rosedales Kittey 317060. Black, Small Star. Foaled: 6/5/19. Sire: Rosedale’s Icon by Pleasant View King. Dam: Mane Acres Miss Kitty by Clearview Spirit. & Rosedales Rose 317061. Black, Star, Right Hind Pastern White. Foaled: 6/9/19. Sire: Rosedale’s Icon by Pleasant View King. Dam: Milmer’s HLC Klasa by Hillside Luther’s Champ. Bloodlines going back to: M.G.’s Prince, Blackhome Grandeur Lyn, Spirit Poseidon, Daleview Luther & Windermere King Cong. 1/2 Sisters. Nice pair. 

Lot 3: Registered Percheron Mare: Stark Valley Peggy 316550. Black, Large Star. Foaled: 5/31/19. Sire: Rush River’s Gunther by Windermeres North American Maid. Dam: Star Valley’s Ruby by Almost Heavens Day Of Thunder. Bloodlines going back to: Windermere’s Eliminator, Pleasant View King, Sterling’s Thunderstik and Kirby Farms Tyson. 

Lot 4: Registered Percheron Gelding: L.S.F.Twilight 315734. Black, Medium Irregular Star, Snip. Foaled: 4/5/19. Sire: County Line Ontario’s Rocket by Cedarfarm Ontario. Dam: Sandycreeks Janet by Cedarfarm Shiawasee. Bloodlines going back to: MG’s Ukiah, Lakeshore Lorenzo, Highview Dragano and Dick. 

Lot 5: Percheron Gelding: Black. Foaled: 7/27/19. Sired by Wolfs Farm Fieldspar. Selling grade. 

Lot 37: Registered Percheron Gelding: Black. 2 Year Old. Sired by Briar Hill Trademark. Halter broke. 

Lot 38 & 39: Team Registered Percheron Geldings: Black. 6 Years Old. 17.2 HH. Broke to everything. Good, calm team. 

Lot 43: Percheron Filly: Black. Yearling. Halter broke. 

Lot 44: Percheron Gelding: “Diamond” Black, Star. 7 Year Old. 17 HH. Home Raised Gelding. A willing worker, broke to most farm machinery. Works good in the lead team. 

Lot 48: Percheron Mare: Black. 4 Year Old. Well mannered. Well started in harness. 

Lot 54 & 55: Team Percheron & Percheron cross Geldings: “Shorty” Percheron. “Ted” Percheron STBD cross. 16 Years Old. 16 HH. Home Raised Geldings. Ted can be driven single. They are willing workers, broke to most farm machinery. 

Lot 56: Percheron Stallion: Black. 5 Year Old. 18 HH. GTO and Spirit breeding. Good minded, sensible Stallion. Green broke to drive single. 

Lot 60 & 61: Team Percheron Geldings: Black, Long Tails. 2 Years Old. Well started. Used on the manure spreader, etc. Good workers. Sharp team. 

Lot 63: Percheron Stud Colt: Black. Yearling. Halter broke.

Lot 77: Percheron Stallion: “Roaney” Blue Roan with Beautiful Black Points. 4 Year Old. 16 HH. Roaney is broke to ride and drive, single and double. He is easy to catch, handle and shoes without a stock. He has a great disposition and is very people friendly. He is a proven breeder, hand or pasture breed. Sound. Very nice horse.

Lot 83: Registered Percheron Mare: Pine Island Heidie’s April 296461. Black, Small Star. Foaled: 4/25/04. 18 HH. Sire: E.R.’s Jet by Colleen’s Junior. Dam: Four Star Heidi Sue by Emeral Farm Smokey Laet. Bloodlines going back to: Buckeye Patrick, North Star Alexander, Village Edge Master Laet and Kruger’s Joy’s Josh. Her Stud Colt, also in the sale is listed below.

Lot 84: Percheron Stud Colt: Foaled: 6/17/20. His Dam listed above. 

Lot 95: Percheron Mare: “Lucy” Black. 16 Year Old. Used to feed and has been in parades. Open and sound to breed. Anyone can drive her. Lost her mate. 

Lot 96: Registered Percheron Stallion: GM Prince King David 314335. Black, Large Star, Left Hind Partial Pastern White. Foaled: 6/16/17. 17 HH. Sire: G.Myers King David by Prince’s Dragon. Dam: Sophia by Modoc Herbert. Bloodlines going back to: Koncarclip Topper, Lucasia Debbies Pat and Windsong Raven. 4 Year Old, old style breeding Stallion. Has been worked in the field quite a bit. 

Lot 97: Registered Percheron Mare: Crystal 305658. Grey. Foaled: 4/19/08. Sire: Betty’s Black Bob by Bob Degas. Dam: Brenda by Lone Star Slugger. Bloodlines going back to: Commander’s Bob, Charley, Innishugh Connies Jake 21046 CAN and Ro-Dapple Japser. An old style Mare that has been used in the field and ridden. She breeds every year. Bred to a Registered Stallion for a May Foal. 

Lot 101: Percheron Mare: Black. 12 Year Old. Broke to work in every way. Bred 6/17/20 to a nice, big, dapple grey Stallion for a May Foal. 

Lot 117: Percheron Mare: Grey. 18 Year Old. Broke for anyone, also broke to ride. 

Supplement Lot 194 & 195: Team Percheron Geldings: Black. 5 Years Old. 17.1 & 17.2 HH. 1/2 Brothers. Broke to all farm machinery. 

Supplement Lot 197: Percheron Stallion: Grey. 6 Year Old. 15.2 HH. Broke. 

Supplement Lot 205: Percheron Gelding: Black. Smooth Mouth. 16.2 HH. Broke to everything. Lost his mate. 

Supplement Lot 210: Percheron Mare: Dapple Grey. 16 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. 

Supplement Lot 212: Percheron Gelding: Grey. 17 Year Old. Broke the best. Will work all day. 

Crossbreds & Light Driving Teams:

Lot 32: Draft Roan Gelding: “Prince” Foaled: 2015. 16.3 HH. Prince is broke to drive single, double and multiple hitch, such as 4 up. He has been used in parades and on all farm equipment. Prince is the left rear horse pictured.

Lot 33: Percheron Haflinger cross Gelding or Stud Colt: Yearling. 

Lot 34: Percheron Haflinger cross Gelding or Stud Colt: Yearling. 

Lot 35: Percheron Haflinger cross Gelding or Stud Colt: Yearling. 

Lot 36: Percheron Fjord cross Gelding or Stud Colt: Yearling. 

Lot 49: Percheron Belgian cross Mare: 8 Year Old. Broke in every way. 

Lot 62: Percheron Belgian cross Filly: Black. Yearling. 

Lot 68: Belgian Shire cross Gelding: “Buster” Sorrel, Star. 8 Year Old. Broke to all farm machinery. Work on either side. 

Lot 69 & 70: Team Belgian Brabant cross Mares: “Bess” 4 Year Old. “Babe” 6 Year Old. Red Roans. 16 HH. Sister team. Broke to drive. Babe is bred to a Belgian Stallion for a May Foal. Nice team of Mares. 

Lot 74 & 75: Team Belgian cross Mares: “Pearl” 5 Year Old. “Patty” 6 Year Old. Sorrel, Blaze, Four White Socks, Light Mane & Tail. Full Sisters. Broke to all farm machinery. Can be used on either side. Flashy team. 

Lot 98: Draft cross Gelding: Bay. 6 Year Old. Tough, good worker. 

Lot 99: Percheron Haflinger cross Gelding: Grey. 6 Year Old. 15 HH. Broke to ride and drive, single and double. 

Lot 103: Belgian cross 1/4 STBD 1/8 Saddlebred 1/8 Dutch Gelding: “Sam” Bay. Coming 4 Year Old. Broke single and double. Been in the surrey all summer. Worked on the plow and manure spreader last Fall and this Spring. He is a good horse. Selling, because we purchased a team of Mares. His STBD Grand Dam “Crystal” is also in the sale. 

Lot 104: 3/4 Belgian 1/4 Haflinger Mare: Red Sorrel, Blaze, Four White Feet, Blonde Mane & Tail. 14 Year Old. Very well broke, single and double. Nice Mare. 

Lot 105: Fjord Mare: “Katie” 14 Year Old. Broke to drive. Open. 

Lot 106: Draft STBD cross Mare: “Black Beauty” Coal Black. 10 Year Old. Broke to all farm machinery. Bred to a Draft Stallion, due April 15th. 

Lot 107: 1/2 Belgian 1/4 Percheron 1/4 Haflinger Gelding: “Tyson” Bay. Coming 3 Year Old. Been hooked to all farm machinery. Started very well.

Lot 108: Percheron cross Stud Colt: Black, Stripe, Two White Hind Socks. Coming 2 Year Old. 

Lot 110 & 111: Team crossbred Mares: Bay Roan. 3 & 4 Year Old. Broke double, also broke to ride. 

Lot 112: Draft cross Mare: White. Started and going good. Big Mare. Broke to ride. 

Lot 113: Belgian cross: Yearling, 10 Months. Halter broke. 

Lot 114 & 115: Pair Belgian Quarter cross Mares: Red Roan. 3 Years Old. 1/2 Sisters. Started in harness. 

Lot 116: Percheron Friesian cross Stallion: Black. Coming 2 Year Old. Almost 17 HH. Started in harness. 

Lot 118: Crossbred Mare: Bay. 15 Year Old. 15.3 HH. Really broke Mare for the field or road. Very good broke to ride. 

Lot 119: Draft STBD cross Stud Colt: Sorrel. 9 Months Old. Halter broke. 

Lot 120: 3/4 Draft 1/4 STBD Stud Colt: Bay. Yearling. Halter broke. 

Lot 121: Percheron STBD cross Gelding: Black. 3 Year Old. Broke. 

Lot 122 & 123: Team Percheron Quarter Pony cross Mares: “Dixie” & “Trixie” Grey. 19 Years Old. Very well broke. Used to feed hay last Fall. Would make a good hobby team. Harness will also sell.

Lot 124: Percheron Quarter Pony cross Gelding: “Joker” Black, Blaze, Four White Short Socks. 3 Year Old. 56.” Boke to ride and drive. Traffic and trail safe. Gentle and easy to handle. Easy to catch. No bad habits. Good feet.

Lot 125 & 126: Team Draft Quarter cross Geldings: “Matt” & “Dillon” White & Grey. 13 & 14 Years Old. 15.3 HH. Full Brothers. Broke to drive and ride.

Lot 129: Belgian Quarter cross Gelding: Red Sorrel, Lots of Chrome. Coming 2 Year Old. A really sharp looking gelding. 

Lot 130: Belgian Quarter cross Gelding: Sorrel, Strip. 3 Year Old. Started to drive.

Lot 131: Belgian STBD cross Stud Colt: Bay. Yearling.

The 5 following Draft cross Fillies and Stud Colt are a Dodd’s Family consignment of Canada. These colts will be the same great breeding as the colts sold last February. The Dodd’s family has had great success with their colts going on to become great riding, driving and pack horses. They have all been weaned and on good feed. They are wormed, deloused and very healthy.  

Supplement Lot 189: Palomino Filly: Coming Yearling in May. By a Belgian Stallion and Draft cross Mare. 1/2 Sister is Lot 190.

Supplement Lot 190: Palomino Filly: Yearling. By a Belgian Stallion and Draft cross Mare. 1/2 Sister is Lot 189.

Supplement Lot 191: Buckskin Filly: Coming Yearling in May. By a Belgian Stallion and a good, big Buckskin Draft cross Mare.

Supplement Lot 192: Brown Stud Colt: Coming Yearling in May. By a Percheron Stallion and a Draft cross Mare. Looks like he could turn Grey.

Supplement Lot 193: Bay Filly: Coming Yearling in May. By a Percheron Stallion and Draft cross Mare.

Supplement Lot 196: Percheron Friesian cross Gelding: “Randy” Black. 10 Year Old. 16.1 HH. Broke single and double. TSS. In 2018 he was driven in a week long covered wagon train and was driven through several towns and cities. He is a fancy mover and would make a good carriage prospect. Lost his mate. 

Supplement Lot 198: Gypsy Paint cross Mare: Black & White. 7 Year Old. 14.3 HH. Broke to ride. Well started. 

Supplement Lot 199: Draft Paint cross Filly: Bay Roan & White. 2 Year old. Halter broke. 

Supplement Lot 200: Draft Paint cross Filly: Tri-Color. 2 Year Old. Halter broke. Really nice Filly. 

Supplement Lot 201: Draft Paint cross Filly: Tri-Color. Yearling. Halter broke. 

Supplement Lot 202 & 203: Team Bay Mares: 13 & 14 Years Old. Ride and drive. Kid broke. 

Supplement Lot 206: Draft Paint cross Gelding: Black & White. 5 Year Old. Broke to ride. Mostly trail rode. Goes anywhere you want him to. 

Supplement 207: Gypsy Quarter cross Mare: Bay. 7 Year old. Approx. 14.3 HH. Broke to ride. Well started. 

Supplement Lot 213: 1/2 Percheron 1/4 Clyde 1/4 Brabant Mare: Sorrel. 3 Year Old. Easy to get along with. Great personality. Halter broke. Full Brother is Lot 214.

Supplement Lot 214: 1/2 Percheron 1/4 Clyde 1/4 Brabant Stud Colt: Sorrel. 10 Months Old. Been out running with the Mares. His Full Sister is Lot 213.

Supplement Lot 215: Belgian, All Purpose cross Mare: Bay, Stripe, Four White Feet. Coming 3 Year Old. Started in harness. 

Supplement Lot 216: Belgian cross Mare: Brown. 18 Year Old. Broke single and double. Used regularly. 

Supplement Lot 217: Haflinger cross Mare: “Pumpkin” Sorrel, Flaxen Mane & Tail. 10 Year Old. 56.” Well broke to ride. Very cute.

Supplement Lot 218 & 219: Team 3/4 Quarter Horse 1/4 Belgian cross Mares: 8 Years Old. 56.” Well started by Aden Helmuth. Exposed to a Crossbred Stallion. 

Supplement Lot 221: Percheron STBD cross Mare: Bay. 15 Year Old. Broke to drive double and ride. Nice, chunky, well broke workhorse. 

Supplement Lot 222: Belgian Quarter cross Mare: Brown & White Paint. 9 Year Old. 15.3 HH. Very well built. Well started by Andy Helmuth. 

Haflingers & Mules:

Lot 50: Haflinger Mare: “Bell” Light Chestnut, Strip, White Fetlocks, White Mane & Tail. 9 Year Old. 15 HH. Broke to drive single and double. Good for the vet, stands for the farrier. Good with other horses. Lost her mate.

Lot 94: Haflinger Gelding: “Charlie” 15 Year Old. Charlie is very charming, with his long white mane & tail. He is broke the very best to ride and drive. He likes trail riding. You can pick up his feet to trim, shoes are not needed.

Lot 71 & 72: Team John Mules: “King” & “Prince” Sorrel. Smooth Mouth. 16 HH. Outstanding train and wagon ride prospects. Used on all farm equipment. Harness with Collars will also sell. 

Lot 127 & 128: Team Molly Mules: Black with Brown Points. 10 Years Old. 16 HH. Have been in Christmas parades. 

Lot 132: Molly Mule: Black. 3 Year Old. Very gentle. Easy to catch. Started in round pen. Line drives. Been saddled. 


Lot 133: Crossbred Gelding: “Bob” Bay, Stripe. 3 Year Old. TSS. Broke to the top buggy. 

Lot 134: STBD Mare: “Crystal” Bay. 13 Year Old. Trottingbred STBD Mare. Grand-Daughter of Valley Victory. Family horse. She was our main buggy horse for 6 years, we’ve used her to ride and check cows for the last year and a half as we had our gelding in the buggy. Would still be a good buggy horse or a great broodmare. Selling open today. Her Belgian cross Grand-Son “Sam” is also in the sale. 

Lot 135: Morgan Gelding: “Diamond” Black, Small Star, One White Hind Foot. 4 Year Old. Safe. A good horse for school kids, doddy or anyone wanting a quiet, safe horse. Not fast, but will travel good. Also broke to ride. 

Lot 136: Registered Morgan Gelding: Y’s Choice Tuesday 197639. Black. Foaled: 5/25/19. Nice, 2 year old gelding. High percentage foundation breeding. Sired by Hidden Y’s Fame. Dam from Bar Non Morgans in Wyoming. Started. Good disposition.

Lot 137: Standardbred Gelding: Bay. Coming 2 Year Old. All trot. Nice, big gelding. 

Lot 138: Saddlebred STBD cross Gelding: “Jasper” Black, Small Star, Snip, Two Whites. Foaled: April 2017. Approx. 15.3 HH. TSS. Needs lots of work and can handle it. Good manners and handles good in the barn. 

Lot 139: STBD Morgan cross Gelding: “Denver” 6 Year Old. TSS. Could be a Grandpa horse. 

Lot 140: Registered Morgan Gelding: Y’s Choice Warrior 197640. Black. Foaled: 4/7/19. 100% Foundation bred gelding. Sired by Hidden Y’s Fame. A lot of excellent foundation breeding. Started. Good disposition. 

Lot 141: Saddlebred STBD cross Gelding: Sorrel, Strip, Two White Hinds. Smooth Mouth. Broke to ride and drive. 

Lot 142: STBD Gelding: Black. Foaled: 2001. Trot and Pace. Farm Raised Gelding. Traffic safe. 

Lot 143: STBD Dutch Harness Walker cross Gelding: “Eclipse” Black. 4 Year Old. 16+ HH. Broke single and double. Ready for work. 

Lot 144: STBD Morgan cross Mare: “Caramel” Chestnut. 7 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. The school children have been driving her. She has raised a nice colt for us. Selling open. 

Lot 145: Dutch Harness STBD cross Stallion: Red Sorrel, Strip, Four White Socks Up to the Knees. Coming 2 Year Old in June. Halter broke and handled. Nice to be around. 

Lot 146: Registered Morgan Gelding: Y’s Choice Eddie 197638. Chestnut, Flaxen Mane & Tail. Foaled: 4/27/19. 100% Foundation bred gelding. Sired by Hidden Y’s Fame. Dam is 100% Funquest bred. Eddie will be a big gelding when he matures. Started. Good disposition. 

Lot 147: STBD Mare: Givemhellkid 3DN59. Bay. Foaled: 5/1/06. Sire: Mach Three. Sire of Dam: No Nukes. Broodmare. 

Lot 148: STBD Mare: Esther Davril Dery 5CV98. Chestnut, Star, Snip. Foaled: 4/17/05. Sire: Mac Sorley. Sire of Dam: Promising Catch. Broodmare. 

Lot 149: STBD Mare: “Liminade” Dark Bay, Star, Snip, Three Whites. Traffic safe. Not for long hard work, but would be a good Grandpa’s horse.

Lot 150: STBD Mare: Black. 3 Year Old. TSS. Broke single and double. Lady broke. 

Lot 151: Registered Morgan Stallion: Y’s Choice Duracheo 199538. Chestnut, Star. Foaled: 4/30/20. Big, stout, 100% foundation bred Stallion. Sired by Hidden Y’s Fame. Dam is 100% Funquest bred. Great disposition. 

Lot 152: STBD Gelding: “Jethro” Dark Bay. 18 Year Old. 16 HH. Broke to ride and drive. Used last year on trail rides. Been on overnight overhead lines or tie rails. 

Lot 153: Hackney STBD cross Mare: Dark Bay, Stripe, Three Whites. 7 Year Old. Broodmare. 

Lot 154: 1/4 Dutch 1/4 STBD 1/2 Pony Gelding: “Jasper” Light Sorrel, Star, Snip. 3 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. 

Lot 155: Registered Morgan Filly: Y’s Choice May Day 199547. Black, Small Star. Foaled: 5/1/20. High percentage foundation Filly. Sired by Hidden Y’s Fame. A nice, well bred Filly. 

Supplement Lot 301: Dutch STBD cross Gelding: Black, Strip, Three Whites. 3 Year Old. Out of a good driving Mare. Very well started in the cart. 

Supplement Lot 302: STBD Percheron cross Gelding: Black. Coming 8 Year Old. Broke single and double. Used in the buggy and to go to church. TSS. Anybody can drive him. 

Supplement 303: STBD cross Gelding: 8 Year Old. 17 HH. 

Supplement 304: STBD Gelding: Dark Bay, Star, White Hind Socks. 11 Year Old. 15.2 HH. Top buggy broke. Travels decent. Been there done that. Home raised. 

Supplement Lot 305: Registered Saddlebred Mare: Sorrel. 11 Year Old. Open. 

Supplement Lot 306: STBD Mare: 8 Year Old. 16.2 HH. All trot. TSS. Family driver. Home raised. Sierra Kosmos Grand-Daughter. Selling open because of a late foal last year. 

Supplement Lot 307: Dutch STBD cross Gelding: Black. 8 Year Old. Has a lot of power. Hitch and will stay standing. He will see things on the roadside. 

Supplement Lot 308: STBD Gelding: 8 Year Old. 16.3 HH. Sired by Hard Art, Dam by Life Sign. Broke very well.  

Supplement Lot 309: 1/4 Dutch 3/4 STBD Gelding: Black, Star, Snip, One White. 4 Year Old. 16 HH. Driven single and double. Easy keeper. 

Supplement Lot 310: Dutch Harness Gelding: Bay, Two White Hind Socks. 9 Year Old. Really good driving horse. 

Saddle Horses & Ponies: 

Lot 158: Mare Pony: “Millie” Black. 4 Year Old. She likes to be brushed and played with. She is a fancy little pony with a long black mane and tail. Millie is broke to ride and drive.

Lot 159: Gelding Pony: “Midnight” Black. 8 or 9 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. Kid broke. 

Lot 160: Draft cross Gelding: “Moose” 16 Year Old. 16 HH. Trail horse deluxe. Moose is traffic safe and rides alone or in a group. He is safe for anyone who knows the basics and wants a smooth ride. Moose is also broke to drive.

Lot 163 & 164: Team Quarter Horse Mares: Bay. 12 Years Old. Bred to a Belgian cross Stallion for June Foals. Broke to drive, we’ve used them as broodmares the last few years.  

Lot 165: Quarter Horse Mare: Sorrel, Stripe. Smooth Mouth. Broke. Bred to a Quarter Horse Stallion. 

Lot 166: Palomino Mare: Smooth Mouth. Riding horse. Raised colts the last couple years. A real nice Mare. 

Lot 169: Quarter Horse cross Stallion: Grulla. 2 Year Old. Quiet, good natured. Started. 

Lot 170: Quarter Horse cross Mare: Black, White Hind Socks. 7 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive.

Lot 171: Quarter Horse Mare; Sorrel, White on Face. 15 Year Old. 14.2 HH. Good broke to ride. 

Lot 174: Hackney cross Mare Pony: “Panda” 15 Year Old. 49.” Panda has been used for showing halter, lead line and lunging lessons for beginner riders. She is green broke to drive. Panda is calm with a quiet temperament.

Lot 175: Black Gelding: Riding horse. Smooth Mouth. Has been rode a lot in the past. Nice looking horse. 

Lot 176: Gelding Pony: “Elroy” Black & White Spot, Black & White Mane & Tail. Foaled: 5/24/05. Lots of attention. Very friendly. Broke to drive. No kick. 

Lot 177: Gypsy Hackney cross Stallion: “Midnight” 2 Year Old. 2 Weeks in training, riding and driving and has been doing really good in the buggy.

Lot 180 & 181: Team Quarter Horse Mares: Bay. 7 & 12 Year Old. Bred to a Belgian cross Stallion for June Foals. Broke to drive, we’ve used them as broodmares the last few years. 

Lot 182: Quarter Pony Gelding: Sorrel, Stripe, White Socks. 8 Year Old. 56.” Broke to ride and drive. 

Lot 183: Mare Pony: “Luna” Sorrel & White Spot, Sorrel & White Mane & Tail. Foaled: 5/14/13. Luna is broke to ride and drive. She likes people and attention. No kick. 

Lot 186: Mini Gelding Donkey: Cream colored. 4 Year Old. Good with Sheep and Goats. 

Lot 187: Gelding Pony: “Spike” Chestnut. 7 Year Old. Approx. 40.” Spike drives single or double and is broke to ride. With the 11 children at home, he gets a workout everyday! He is ridden or driven to school daily. His walk and trot is great, but could use some work on his lope when he is riding. Spike has some get up and go, he can really pick up the speed, so would be for a more experienced rider. He is a cute pony and a fancy mover.

Supplement Lot 350: Quarter Pony Gelding: Tri-Colored. Smooth Mouth. 14.1 HH. Well broke to ride. He was driven in his younger days. Been on the farm his whole life. Never foundered. 

Supplement Lot 351: Paint Gelding: 7 Year Old. Broke to ride. 

Supplement Lot 352: Tennessee Walking cross Yearling. Sire is Lot 354.

Supplement Lot 353: Tennessee Walking cross 2 Year Old. Sire is Lot 354.

Supplement Lot 354: Registered Tennessee Walking Stallion: Willy’s Storm Chaser. Copper Chestnut Pinto. Foaled: 4/15/08. Very well broke to ride and drive. 

Supplement Lot 355: Kentucky Mountain Mare: Broke to ride. Grade. 

Supplement Lot 356: Mare Pony: “Sweetie” Sorrel. Smooth Mouth. Broke to ride. Used in 4-H. Lesson horse. 

Supplement Lot 357: Mare Pony: Brown & Grey. Smooth Mouth. Broke to ride and drive. 

Supplement Lot 358: Mare: Strawberry Roan, Bald Face. 8 Year Old. Broke to ride, but hasn’t been ridden in a while. Open. Has never had a foal. 

Supplement Lot 359: Quarter Pony Mare: Bay. Coming 6 Year Old. Broke to ride. 

Supplement Lot 360: Quarter Horse Gelding: “Cactus” Gray. 13 Year Old. 15 HH. Broke to ride. Trail horse. 

Supplement Lot 361: Mare Pony: “Beauty” Sorrel, Strip, Four Whites. 4 Year Old. Approx. 47.” Really good broke to ride and drive. Kids pony. 

Supplement Lot 362: Gelding Pony: Bay. 12 Year Old. Approx. 48.” Babysitter to ride. Not broke to drive. 

Supplement Lot 363: Quarter Horse Gelding: Sorrel. 15 Year Old. Stocky built. Broke to ride. 

The following 13 Ponies are part of a family pony dispersal!

Lot 161: Mare Pony: “Daisey” Paint. 6 Year Old. 41.” Daisey is very gentle and easy to handle. She is kid safe, no bad habits, no founder. Broke to ride!

Lot 156: Mare Pony: “Ruby” Palomino. 4 Year Old. 43.” Ruby is broke to ride. She is gentle and quiet. Easy to catch and handle. Kid safe, no bad habits. Ruby is easy to get along with and will follow you around like a big puppy!


Lot 157: Gelding Pony: “Oreo” Black & White Paint. Loud, pretty color. 7 Year Old. 39.” Oreo is broke to ride and green broke to drive.

Lot 162: Gelding Pony: “Larry” 8 Year Old. 46.” Larry is broke to ride and drive. Traffic safe. He is easy to handle and get along with. Gentle and safe. Good feet, no founder.

Lot 168: Gelding Pony: “Roger” 3 Year Old. 47.” Broke to ride and drive. Traffic safe and used to farm machinery.

Lot 167: Mare Pony: “Rico” Grey. 8 Year Old. 38.” Rico is broke to ride. She has been trail rode and is traffic safe. She is gentle, easy to get along with and safe for little kids to ride. Good feet, no founder.

Lot 173: Gelding Pony: “Bubbles” Appaloosa. 7 Year Old. 39.” Bubbles is cute as all get out, with a very hard to find color! Broke to ride. Gentle, safe, no bad habits. Good feet, no founder.

Lot 172: Mare Pony: “Ginger” 7 Year Old. 41.” Broke to ride and drive. Road safe and sound. Quiet and gentle. Easy to handle and get along with, no bad habits. Good feet, no founder.

Lot 178: Gelding Pony: “Bear” Pure Black. 10 Year Old. 37.” Broke to ride only. He is as beginner safe as you can get. The kids crawl all over him! Easy to catch and handle. No bad habits. Good feet.

Lot 188: Gelding Pony: “Rock Star” 5 Year Old. 54.” Broke to ride and drive. Traffic safe and used to farm machinery. Very easy to get along with. Any level rider will get along with him. He is a very willing pony. He knows how to do tricks and lay down! Safe. No bad habits.

Lot 184: Gelding Pony: “Bubba” 8 Year Old. 43.” Bubba is broke to ride and drive! Road safe and used to machinery and all farm animals. Safe for the beginner or will step up for the experienced kids! Well built, good feet. No bad habits.


Lot 179: Mare Pony: “Sweet Pea” 3 Year Old. 42.” Broke to ride and drive! Traffic, trail and machinery safe. Exposed to a Stud Pony for a 2021 Foal. Safe, No bad habits, good feet, no founder. Sweet Pea is so sweet! Kid broke! Loves Kids! A true Unicorn Pony!


Lot 185: Gelding Pony: “Lucky” Palomino. 7 Year Old. 39.” Lucky is broke to ride and drive. Traffic, trail and machinery safe. Kid safe for the beginner. The perfect little unicorn with a faster walk to keep up with the big horses on the trail. Super easy to get along with. Good feet, no bad habits.


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October 11th & 12th, 2021
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