Sheep, Goats & Pigs


Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

Early Consignment:

Registered 100% Fullblood Boer Buck: REGEL MIDNIGHT MAN 10869481. Black Dapple Head. DOB: 6/11/20. Sire: Regel Indian Outlaw *Ennobled*. Dam: RM Vander’s Valentine.

Registered Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Buck: QUIVER FULL OF HARRY BATMAN PD2019565. Black & White, Horned, Erect Ear. DOB: 3/20/19. Sire: CSB Farm Challenger. Dam: SG Quiver Full Of BL Willow.

Commercial Boer Bucklings. Born March 2023. Average 90 – 100 lbs.

4 KuneKune Cross Barrows & 2 KuneKune Cross Gilts. By a full KuneKune Boar and a KuneKune Mix Sow. Born 6/21/23. They are friendly and love a good belly rub. Currently on pasture and get a small amount of pig pellets twice daily as well as fresh veggie/fruit scraps.

KuneKune Boar. “Alfie” 2 Year Old. He is a very friendly pig that acts more like a dog than a pig. He has always been kind and does his job well. He loves people and belly rubs. 2 KuneKune Mix Sows. 2 Years Old. Friendly. Both have raised litters and are excellent mothers.

Save The Date!
Special Bred Ewe Sale
Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

Sheep, goat and pig sales are held every Wednesday starting with sheep at 9:00 AM followed by goats then pigs.

Livestock may be unloaded on Tuesday 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM and Wednesday starting at 6:30 AM at the South chutes. Please try to have all Sheep & Goats checked in by 9:30 AM Sale Morning. The earlier you arrive on sale day is greatly appreciated!

All sheep & goats must be tagged with a federal SCRAPIE ID tag. $3.00 per head deducted for sheep and goats needing to be tagged by the sales barn. Sheep & goats not tagged, must be accompanied by an owner-hauler statement. Kalona Sales Barn, Inc. requires all sheep and goats, regardless of sex and age be tagged.

Download Owner-Hauler Statement HERE

Download SCRAPIE Tag order form HERE

Bottle lambs and kids, poultry, rabbit, produce and farm fresh egg sale every Wednesday in the West sale arena following the sheep portion of the sale. Poultry and rabbits will sell with the cage. Cages must be sturdy, have a solid bottom, include bedding and food & water, no over crowding. Cardboard boxes will not be accepted, except for newborn chicks. Check-in begins at 8:00 AM in the West sale arena, please have items checked in by 10:00 AM. No household or garage sale items accepted.

To list your livestock for an upcoming sale, give us a call!

Sales Barn Office: 319-656-2222
Devin Mullet: 319-936-0675

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