Sheep, Goats & Hogs


Bottle lambs & kids, poultry, rabbit, produce & farm fresh egg sales every Wednesday, following the sheep and goat auction!

Sheep, goat and pig sales are held every Wednesday starting with sheep at 9:00 AM followed by goats then pigs.

Livestock may be unloaded Tuesdays until 7:00 PM and Wednesday starting at 6:30 AM at the South chutes.

All sheep & goats must be tagged with a federal SCRAPIE ID tag. $3.00 per head deducted for sheep and goats needing to be tagged by the sales barn. Sheep & goats not tagged, must be accompanied by an owner-hauler statement.

Download Owner-Hauler Statement HERE

Download SCRAPIE Tag order form HERE

Produce, egg, poultry, small animal and bottle baby sale every Wednesday in the West ring following the sheep and goat sale. Small animals and poultry will sell with the cage. Cages must be sturdy, with a solid bottom. Cardboard boxes will not be accepted.

To list your livestock for an upcoming sale, give us a call!

Sales Barn Office: 319-656-2222
Devin Mullet: 319-936-0675