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Monthly Horse and Tack Sales
First Monday of the Month

Thank You Consignors, Buyers & Attendees
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Special Monthly Horse & Tack Sale
Monday, August 2nd, 2021!
Selling Draft Breeds, Draft cross, Haflingers, Mules,
Driving Horses, Saddle Horses & Ponies!

Tack 8:30 AM, East Arena
Saddles & Harness sell at 10:00 AM
Horses 11:00 AM, West Arena

Catalog now Closed
The catalog is now closed. Horses outside of the catalog will receive their lot number first come first served day of sale.
Thank you to all consignors!

Bid by Phone Deadline
Deadline to register to bid by phone is Friday, July 30th at 12:00 Noon. Registration will not be accepted after the deadline. You may register by calling our office at 319-656-2222, please speak with Rochelle. We will need your photo ID (drivers license) and a letter of reference from your banking establishment with dollar amount to spend included. There will not be online bidding for the auction.


Early Consignment:

Two Seat Pony Wagon. Mini Tongue. Used for Weddings, Parades, Anniversaries, etc. Made by Andy Mast. Single Pony Harness. 42-46.”

Cataloged Belgians:

Lot 1: Belgian Gelding: Roan Sorrel, Blaze, White Mane & Tail. Yearling. Halter broke. 

Lot 2: Belgian Gelding: Light Sorrel, Blaze, White Mane & Tail. Yearling. Halter broke. 

Lot 6 & 7: Team Belgian Geldings: “Rex” & “Pete” 10 & 12 Year Old. 17+ HH. Broke to all farm machinery. Will work a full day. Kid safe. 

Lot 8: Belgian Mare: 5 Year Old. Broke to all farm machinery. Willing worker. Exposed to a Belgian Pullingbred Stallion. 

Lot 9: Belgian Mare: “Gracie” 13 Year Old. Approx. 17 HH. Broke to ride and drive, single and double. Has been worked on all farm machinery. Will be pregnancy checked by sale day.

Lot 14: Belgian Stud Colt: WH Casper. Roan, Full Strip, White Mane & Tail. Foaled: 5/28/20. 16.2 HH. Great moving, sharp colt. Out of a Clifford Dam, Sired by Willow Creek Gator a Detweiler’s Prince Charming son. Eligible to Register. 

Lot 15: Belgian Gelding: 2 Year Old. 17.2 HH. Will be a big horse. 

Lot 17: Belgian Stallion: Roan. Coming 7 Year Old. Purebred and Pullingbred, we never papered him. He has given us very nice colts. We’ve only used him to breed. His Dam stepped on his neck when he was a colt, so his neck looks crooked.  

Lot 19: Belgian Mare: 9 Year Old. Broke. Exposed to a Belgian Stallion. 1 Eye. 

Lot 20 & 21: Team Belgian Gelding & Mare: Blondes, Stripes, White Manes & Tails. 8 Year Old Gelding. 11 Year Old Mare. Broke to all farm machinery. 

Lot 22: Belgian Gelding: Blonde Sorrel. Late 2 Year Old. 

Lot 23: Belgian Gelding: Light Sorrel, Blaze. 8 Year Old. 18.2 HH. Big gelding, broke either side. Good all around horse. 

Lot 27 & 28: Belgian Mares: Smooth Mouth. Well broke. Safe for anybody to drive. 

Lot 31 & 32: Team Belgian Stud Colt & Filly: Blondes. Yearlings. 1/2 Brother & Sister. Sired by a big Belgian Pullingbred Stallion. The Fillies Dam is listed below. 

Lot 33: Belgian Mare: Red Roan. 11 Year Old. 17.3 HH. Broke the best to all farm machinery. Works all day long. Open. 

Lot 36: Belgian Gelding: Strawberry Roan. 14 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. Anyone can ride or drive him. Has been used out West for hunting. 

Lot 37: Belgian Gelding: Sorrel Roan, Blaze. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 38: Belgian Stud Colt: Red Sorrel, Strip, White Mane & Tail. Yearling. 

Lot 39: Belgian Stud Colt: Blonde, Strip, White Mane & Tail. Yearling. 

Lot 44: Belgian Gelding: Roan. Smooth Mouth. Used on the farm.  

Lot 49: Belgian Stallion: Light Sorrel, White Mane & Tail. 6 Year Old. Good breeding horse. 

Lot 50: Registered Belgian Stallion: Red Sorrel, White Mane & Tail. 7 Year Old. Hitch bred. Broke to all farm machinery. Good breeder. 

Lot 59: Belgian Mare: “Belle” Red Sorrel, Stripe, Two Hind Socks, Light Mane & Tail. 18 Year Old. Been used as a Broodmare. Exposed to a Blue Roan Stallion. 

Lot 60: Brabant Belgian Mare: “Poppy” Bay Roan, Silver Mane & Tail. 7 Year Old. 16.2 HH. Well broke to ride and drive. Been through town. Hitched to all farm machinery. Exposed to Blue Roan Percheron Stallion.

Lot 61: Registered Belgian Mare: H.E.M. Joyce M131869. Sorrel, Light Mane & Tail. Foaled: 5/9/13. Sire: Glynn’s Burnt Bridge Jack. Dam: H.E.M. Robin. Broke to all farm machinery. Fast worker. Open. 

Lot 66: Belgian Gelding: 15 Year Old. Has been working hard all summer for a living. Broke to all machinery. 

Lot 80: Belgian Mare: Red Sorrel. 3 Year Old. Started in harness. Exposed to a Belgian Stallion for 2022. Purebred, selling grade. 

Lot 86 & 87: Team Belgian Geldings: Red Sorrels, Long Tails. 3 Years Old. Broke, still drive green. 

Lot 96: Belgian Gelding: Red Sorrel, Strip. 16 Year Old. 17.2 HH. Really broke. 

Cataloged Percherons:

Lot 3: Percheron Stallion: “Star” Black, Large Star. 2 Year Old. 16 HH. Stocky. Halter broke.  

Lot 4: Percheron Mare: Black. Smooth Mouth. Broke in every way. Will work either side. Also broke to ride. 

Lot 5: Percheron Mare: Black, Star. 7 Year Old. Blocky and well built. Broke to all farm machinery. Ambitious, powerful and ready to work. Good in the lines. Holds up her end in a team. Selling, because she needs more work then my farm provides her.  

Lot 10: Percheron Gelding: Black, Two Hind Socks. 9 Year Old. Broke to drive, single and double. Also, broke to ride.

Lot 11 & 12: Team Percheron Mares: “Bonnie” Works the Left, “Dolly” Works the Right. Black, Small Stars. Smooth Mouth. Well broke team. Would make a good beginners team. Been worked on all farm machinery and been through traffic. An older team, but will still do a days work. 

Lot 16: Percheron Gelding: “Tom” Blue Roan. Smooth Mouth. Kid broke, beginners horse. TSS. Can’t hook him wrong. Worked all Spring. Selling, because we have younger horses coming on. 

Lot 24 & 25: Team Registered Percheron Geldings: “Mark” 2 Year Old. “Cliff” 3 Year Old. 18.1 & 17.2 1/2, should mature to 18.2. Nice and quiet team. Very well broke for 2 & 3. Easy to shoe, clip and load. (Pedigree below).

– “Mark” Lone Oak 19 Marcuis [CAN]M30811. Black, Star. Foaled: 5/3/19. Sire: Hidden View Mark by H.F. Thunder’s Supreme. Dam: Lone Oak 11 Haley by Lone Oak 07 Pride. Bloodlines going back to: Pleasant View Michael, Elkview Levi, Storey Creek Snowy Knight and Sterling’s Thunderstik.

– “Cliff” High Calibre Cliffhanger 314348. Black, Star. Foaled: 3/17/18. Sire: Rocket’s All-Star Flash by All-Star’s Prince Rocket. Dam: High Calibre Paige-Turner by Pleasant View King. Bloodlines going back to: M.G.’s Prince and Blackhome Grandeur Lyn.

Lot 29: Percheron Gelding: “Tucker” Black. 5 Year Old. 18 HH. Broke single and double. Been on the Amish farm. Pick up his feet to trim. Very friendly. Great beginners horse. Could make a great carriage or even a police horse. Loves to please and pretty to look at.

Lot 30: Percheron Gelding: Grey. 3 Year Old. Been ridden the last 6 months. Driven a year ago.

Lot 51: Percheron Mare: “Black Beauty” Black, Star. 13 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. Take her anywhere you want. Easy to catch. Quiet and gentle.

Lot 54: Percheron Mare: Dapple Grey. 10 Year Old. 17.2 HH. Used as a Broodmare. Bred to a 16.2 HH Blue Roan Percheron Brabant Stallion. (Stallion Bred to Pictured, Not For Sale).

Lot 55: Registered AQHA Mare: Red Roan. 7 Year Old. 15 HH. Used as a Broodmare. Matches the Mare listed below. Bred to a 16.2 HH Blue Roan Percheron Brabant Stallion. (Stallion Bred to Pictured, Not For Sale).

Lot 56: Registered AQHA Mare: Red Roan. 14 Year Old. 15 HH. Used as a Broodmare. Matches the Mare listed above. Bred to a 16.2 HH Blue Roan Percheron Brabant Stallion. (Stallion Bred to Pictured, Not For Sale).

Lot 58: Percheron Stallion: “Black Storm” Black, Small Star. 5 Year Old. 18 HH. TTO Skyview Spirit Breeding. Green broke single. Horse to finish, I just do not have the time also selling because we lost his mate.

Lot 69: Percheron Mare: “Sheila” Black, Star. 20 Year Old. Broke. Been used as a Broodmare the last few years. Exposed to a Blue Roan Stallion. 

Lot 78: Percheron Stallion: “Bailey” Blue Roan. 2 Year Old. 16.3 HH. Sired by a Blue Roan Percheron Stallion, Out of a Grade Percheron Mare. Broke single and double to drive, also broke to ride. Used on all hay equipment this Summer. Very quiet and easy going.

Lot 79: Percheron Gelding: “Chief” Black, Star, Left Hind White Sock. 2 Year Old. Has been drove the last 30 days.

Lot 82: Registered Percheron Mare: Richwood’s Winnie’s Medallion 304413. Black. DNA PN3363. Foaled: 4/18/08. Sire: Daleview Remington by L.D.’s Prince Aladdin. Dam: Winter Night Striker by Valley Vista Striker. Bloodlines going back to: M.G.’s Prince, Pine Hill Champ, Maverick and Innishugh Chief. This Mare raises nice colts. She has been running with a Percheron Stallion for the last 2 weeks. Works well in the field. 

Lot 88: Percheron Mare: Grey. Smooth Mouth. Broke to work. Open. 

Lot 90: Percheron Gelding: Black. 12 Year Old. Broke to all farm machinery, but has not been used the last 2 years. Gentle. 

Lot 91: Percheron Gelding: Grey. 12 Year Old. Broke, but never worked. Gentle. 

Cataloged Crossbreds & Special Breed:

Lot 13: Friesian Shire cross Mare: Dark Bay. 3 Year Old. 16 HH. Nice and quiet natured Mare that drives single and double and is also broke to ride. Just a good quiet using Mare. 

Lot 26: Percheron Draft cross Stallion: Blue Roan. 8 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive, single and double. Good broke.

Lot 34: Percheron Draft cross Gelding: Blue Roan. 4 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive, single and double. 6 Year old, 1st grade boy has been riding and driving him. His Sire is the 8 Year Old Stallion listed above.

Lot 35: Friesian Percheron STBD Gelding: Bay. 2 Year Old. 15.2 HH. Started good to ride and drive. 

Lot 42: Clydesdale Gelding: 15 Year Old. 17.3 HH. Broke to ride and drive, single and double. The kids can ride him without issues. Feet are in good condition and he is UTD on all cares.

Lot 43: Percheron cross Mare: Grey. 9 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. TSS. Gentle. Was used as a recip Mare. Open. Blind in 1 eye.

Lot 45: Draft cross Mare: “Mel” Bay, Small Star. Foaled: 2012. 16.2 HH. Mel is a gorgeous 9 year old Mare. She leads, loads, ties and has been saddled and bridled. She is gentle, but hasn’t been handled much. She is ready to be started and go any direction.

Lot 46 & 47: Team Belgian STBD Geldings: Sorrels, Stripes. Full Brothers. 2 Year Old: Started to ride and drive single. 6 Year Old: Broke single and double. 

Lot 48: Percheron Draft cross Mare: Blue Roan. 6 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive, single and double. 6 Year old, 1st grade boy has been riding her to school in good weather and driving her to school in rainy weather. She is a 1/2 sister to the Blue Roan Stallion listed above. Bred to a Blue Roan Percheron Stallion for a 2022 Foal. 

Lot 52: Percheron cross Mare: Black, Strip. 16 Year Old. Broke. 

Lot 53: Percheron STBD Mare: Dark Bay. 16 Year Old. Broke to all farm machinery. Broke single and double, hook her to anything. Willing worker.

Lot 57: Draft cross Gelding: “Ranger” Bay. 4 Year Old. 16 HH. Broke to drive, single and double, also broke to ride. Used in all hay equipment over the Summer. Good, honest and dependable horse.

Lot 62 & 63: Team Belgian Percheron cross Geldings: Bay. 3 Years Old. Broke. 

Lot 64: Blue Roan Clydesdale Mare: 9 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive double. Bred to a Blue Roan Quarter Horse Stallion “Blue Valentine” for a 2022 Foal.

Lot 65: Pony cross Mare: Dapple. 2 Year Old. 52.” Broke to ride and drive, single and double. Neck reins very well. Good broke pony. 

Lot 67: Belgian cross Stud Colt: Dark Bay, Star. Halter broke. 

Lot 68: Belgian cross Stud Colt: Sorrel, Star. Halter broke. 

Lot 70: Percheron Appaloosa Gelding: Strawberry Roan, Two Whites, Black Mane & Tail. 6 Year Old. 14 HH. Broke single and double. TSS. 

Lot 71: Draft cross Gelding: “Roman” Dun. 8 Year Old. Used in the feedlot, Shag bulls and pick-up horse. Take him anywhere. Easy to be around. Quiet and gentle.

Lot 72: Draft cross Gelding: 10 Year Old. Broke for farm work. Used this Summer. 

Lot 73 & 74: Team Belgian Quarter cross Geldings: Sorrels. 3 Years Old. Broke to ride and drive. 

Lot 75: 3/4 Percheron 1/4 Quarter Horse Stallion: Black. 8 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive, single and double. Sharp horse!

Lot 76: Belgian Quarter cross Gelding: Red Sorrel. 3 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. 

Lot 77: Crossbred Mare: Black. 10 Year Old. Heavy built Mare. Broke to ride. 

Lot 81: Percheron Quarter cross Mare: Black. 2 Year Old. Well started to ride and drive. Her Sire is the 8 year old Percheron cross Stallion listed above. 

Lot 83: Percheron Morgan cross Gelding: Black. 12 Year Old. 15 HH. Broke to ride and drive. TSS. Would make a good produce horse. 

Lot 84: Draft cross Gelding: Bay, Star, Two Whites. 2 Year Old. 16 HH. Broke to ride and drive. 

Lot 85: Belgian cross Filly: Chestnut. Foaled: 8/17/20. 

Lot 89: Percheron Morgan cross Gelding: Black. 5 Year Old. 15.2 HH. Broke to ride and drive, single and double. 

Lot 92: Draft Pony Friesian cross Filly: Black. 2 Year Old. Started. 

Lot 93: Draft cross Mare: Bay. Smooth Mouth. Broke to ride. Very quiet, anyone can ride her. 

Lot 94: Percheron Welsh cross Mare: Grey. 11 Year Old. Broke to ride and work. 

Lot 95: Percheron Quarter cross Mare: Paint. 17 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive, every day of the year!

Lot 97: Draft cross Gelding: Brown & White. Approx. 16 HH. Broke to ride and drive. Had him since a 3 year old. 

Cataloged Haflingers:

Lot 18: Haflinger Gelding: Blonde, Strip. 11 Year Old. Nice and chunky built, extra quiet. Broke to ride and drive single and double. Also works good in the lawn mower. Small children ride him all over. If you’re looking for a work horse, driving horse, riding horse or baby sitter, check him out!

Lot 40 & 41: Team Haflinger Mare & Gelding: 15 Years Old. Broke to ride and drive. Good condition. 

Cataloged Drivers:

Lot 98: STBD cross Filly: Dark Bay, Star, Two Whites. Weanling. 

Lot 99 & 100: Morgan Mare & Filly: Dark Chestnut. 9 Year Old. Well broke. Boys horse. Takes long trips. Month Old Morgan Filly at side. In Foal and bred to a son of Ozzy Ozzy. 

Lot 101: STBD Gelding: Black, Hind Sock. 14 Year Old. TSS. Anyone can drive him.  

Lot 102: Saddlebred STBD Mare: Chestnut, Three Whites. 3 Year Old. Sired by Senoritas Courageous Skipper, Dam by Muscles Yankee. Well started. Sharp. One keen machine. 

Lot 103: Morgan STBD Pony Gelding: Black. 6 Year Old. Very well broke. Ready for miles. 

Lot 104: STBD Mare: 8 Year Old. Well broke. Vet checked in foal, bred to a Percheron Stallion. 

Lot 105: Registered STBD Mare: Pinkachan. Bay. 8 Year Old. Nice, big Mare that is buggy broke. Tough and trots good.  

Lot 106: STBD Mare: 16 Year Old. Granddaughter of Dream Of Glory. Has been a Broodmare the last few years, but still drives. She has raised nice colts. Has always bred easy, just did not breed her this year. 

Lot 107: STBD Gelding: Bay. 13 Year Old. Good broke to drive. 

Lot 108: STBD cross Gelding: Dark Bay, Star, Strip, Snip, Two Hind Whites. 4 Year Old. Super hot horse, that is super fancy. Some young boys dream. 

Lot 109: Dutch STBD Mare: Hilltop Linda. Black 5 Year Old. Well broke and acclimated. In Foal to a son of Ozzy Ozzy. 

Lot 110: Dutch STBD Saddlebred Stud Colt: Bay. 4 Months Old. Sired by Warren. Dam: Hilltop Linda, Lot 109.  

Lot 111: Morgan Stallion: Black. 4 Year Old. TSS. 

Lot 112: Morgan STDB Dutch Gelding: Black with White. 4 Year Old. Boys horse. 

Lot 113: Morgan STBD Stallion: Black, Star. 2 Year Old. 15 HH. Sharp. 

Lot 114: STBD Mare: Terracotta Hanover 6K567. Black. Foaled: 5/15/12. Sire: Dragon Again. Dam: Transfer Hanover by Cam’s Card Shark. Sharp black Mare. Trots good. Would also make a good Mare to raise colts.

Lot 115: Dutch STBD Hackney Gelding: Bay, Three Whites. 3 Year Old. 16.2 HH. Tough and ready for the miles. TSS. 

Lot 116: STBD Mare: Bay. Smooth Mouth. TSS. Lady broke or Dawdy horse. 

Lot 117: Morgan Pony cross Gelding: Smutty Buckskin. Approx. 14 HH. Broke to ride and drive. 

Lot 118: Morgan STBD Dutch Mare: Bay. 3 Year Old. 40 Days in harness and doing well. TSS. 

Cataloged Mules & Donkeys:

Lot 119 & 120: Team John Mule & Molly Mule: “Doc” 9 Year Old Buckskin. “Becky” 10 Year Old Buckskin. Full Brother & Sister. Broke to ride. Broke to drive single and double. Been used on machinery, hay rake, bobsled, etc. 

Lot 129: John Mule: Sorrel. 12 Year Old. 15 HH. Well broke to ride.

Lot 137 & 138: Team Mules: Brown. 10 & 11 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. 

Lot 147: Molly Mule: “Maggie” Bay, Zebra Bars. 14 HH. Maggie is a good trail Mule. Just got back from 10 days of riding in the Big Horn mountains. Loads, rides and ties good.

Lot 154: John Mule: “Brother” Dun. Foaled: 2016. 13 HH. Brother is a good little riding Mule. He has been ridden out on the trails and in the arena. All he needs is a little ground work and he will be a good Mule for just about anyone. I was told by the previous owner that he has been hunted and packed, but I haven’t done that myself.

Lot 157: Mule: Bay. 12 Year Old. One hand neck reins, rides like one should. Broke to work and ride. 

Lot 158: Mule: Black. 20 Year Old. Broke to work and ride. Doesn’t neck rein, but rides very quiet. Drives single in the buggy. 

Lot 187: Male Donkey: “Jason” Yearling. Friendly. Easy to catch. Broke to lead. Has been staked out in the yard to eat grass. Has been with other horses and some cattle. Will go after dogs. 

Cataloged Ponies:

Lot 121: Mini Gelding Pony: Black. 9 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. Excellent school pony. 

Lot 122: Mare Pony: “Buttermilk” Buckskin Paint. 3 Year Old. 33.” Broke to ride and drive. Easy to catch. Gentle, likes people. 

Lot 130: Gelding Pony: Brown & White Paint. 4 Year Old. 37.” Broke to ride and drive. 

Lot 131: Mare Pony: “Bella” 12 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. Been to Amish driving school. Has had foals. Just wormed and hooves trimmed.

Lot 132: Gelding Pony: “Frank” Black & White. 10 Year Old. 40.” Kid broke to ride and drive. Will lay down. Very quiet. 

Lot 139: Mare Pony: “Beauty” Black, Blaze, Four White Socks. 11 Year Old. Heavy built. Very well broke. Would make an excellent trail rider. Also broke to drive. 

Lot 144: Mare Pony: “Fancy Night” Black. Smooth Mouth. Good pacing pony. Likes attention. 

Lot 145: Gelding Pony: Black. 10 Year Old. Broke to ride. 

Lot 159: Gelding Pony: “Star” Brown & White. 12 Year Old. 35.” Very well broke to ride and drive. Really cute!

Lot 160: Mare Pony: Sorrel. 4 Year Old. Green broke to drive. 

Lot 161: Gelding Pony: “Pepper” Tri-Colored. 3 Year Old. Approx. 46.” Pepper is broke to ride and drive. He is currently being driven by the school children. TSS. Tough and gentle. 

Lot 171: Gelding Pony: “Chocolate” Chocolate, Buckskin Mane & Tail. Smooth Mouth. 36-38.” Broke to ride. Babysitter. Tame, likes children and to be led around. 

Lot 172: Quarter Pony Mare: Grey. 9 Year Old. 55.” Broke to lead. 

Lot 173: POA Paso Fino Mare: “Dottie” 10 Year Old. 13.1 HH. Trail horse. Good gait. Quiet and gentle.

Lot 174 & 175: Mini Mare Pony & Stud Colt: “Cristy” Black. 3 1/2 Month Old, Bay Stud Colt at side. Broke to drive, but not for beginners. Listed above, “Sparky” is her son. 

Lot 176: Gelding Pony: Bay Paint, Four White Socks, Black Mane & Tail. 2 Year Old. Approx. 50.” Shown in Halter only. Ready to train to ride or drive.

Lot 177: Mini Mare Pony: Bay. 10 Year Old. 32.” Has been shown in Halter only and used as a Broodmare. Loves kids and attention. Trims and bathes.

Lot 178: Mare Pony: 7 Year Old. 48.” Started in the harness 2 years ago. Bathes, trims and has had all her shots. A very sweet little Mare.

Lot 186: Gelding Pony: Paint. 6 Year Old. Green broke to ride and drive. 

Lot 188 & 189: Mare Pony with Filly: “Oreo” Black & White. 8 Year Old. Oreo was broke when younger, we’ve used her as a broodmare. Exposed to a Brown & White Paint Stallion.

Lot 190: Mare Pony: Black. 10 Year Old. Best suited for an intermediate rider. Goes anywhere you ask. 

Lot 195: Registered AMHR Mare: Sheez Obviously Sweet. Dark Bay. Foaled: 5/23/08. 41.” Sire: French Broads Premium Bucks. Dam: Lazy K’s Chocolate Kisses. Well broke to ride and drive. She lives up to her name, very sweet!

Lot 196: Mini Gelding Pony: “Sparky” Bay, Blonde Mane & Tail. 3 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. His Dam is Cristy, listed below. 

Lot 206: Gelding Pony: “Bud” Light Bay, Dark Mane & Tail. 8 Year Old. 48.” Very well broke to ride and drive. School pony deluxe!

Lot 207: Gelding Pony: “Barney” Sorrel, Flaxen Mane & Tail. 13 Year Old. 41.” Broke to ride. 

Lot 208: Gelding Pony: Red & White Spot. 7 Year Old. 47.” Broke to ride.

Lot 217: Mini Stallion Pony: Buckskin. 11 Year Old. Approx. 33.” Not broke. Used for breeding. 

Cataloged Saddle Horses & Light Drivers:

Lot 123 & 124: Team Paint Mares: Red & White. 10 & 13 Year Old. Well broke to drive. 

Lot 125: Registered APHA Gelding: Candys Midnight Storm 1063922. Sorrel. Foaled: 5/12/16. 15.2 HH. Sire: Open Ranger by Openrange. Dam: Miss Easy Parr Three by Three Squared. Bloodlines going back to: Zippos Mr Good Bar, Vested Pine, Mr Zan Parr Bar and Chala Rockett. Trail horse.

Lot 126: Registered AQHA Stallion: STF Driftin Legend 5799332. Perlino. Foaled: 5/17/16. AQHA, FQHA, ABHR, ARHA. 99% Foundation Bred. Color Tested: AA/Ee/CrCr. 100% Color Producer. 5 Panel NEG. Heavily Driftwood Bred. Legend is the easiest going Stallion you’ll ever come across. He is super gentle and laid back. He has about 6 rides on him and has done amazing. He led the rides. Walk, trot, canter. No kick, buck, rear or bite. Kids handle him on a daily basis. He just started breeding this year and has 4 Mares covered and confirmed in foal. He did get into some fence when he was younger, got some scaring on his back leg, he is sound and vet checked. Branded and microchipped. UTD on all cares.

Lot 127: Registered Rocky Mountain Gelding: “Chance” EWF A Ghost Of A Chance 2021487029. Silver Black, Snip, Flaxen Mane & Tail. Foaled: 6/5/11. 15.1 HH. Sire: McGuire’s Ghost by Something Special. Dam: Goldy’s Lady Lace by Dock’s Shaw Knee Wha Ta. Bloodlines going back to: Maple’s Squirrel, Yankee(Ragtime), Dock and Nick(Hatton’s). Chance has been rode in Jackson Hole, WY and through the mountains several times. He has great feet. Chance is a great horse, we’ve had him since he was 8 Months Old. Selling, because we are downsizing.

Lot 128: Paint Mare: 8 Year Old. Broke to ride. 

Lot 133: Quarter Horse Gelding: Dark Chestnut, Strip, Two Whites. 8 Year Old. Good broke to ride. 

Lot 134: Quarter Pony Mare: “Dumplin” Bay, White Right Hind Pastern. Foaled: 2013. 14.1 HH. Dumplin is best suited for an intermediate rider. She is green broke. She does great in the arena, but needs more time in the saddle and on the trails. Currently working on saddling, as she was bucking when first cinched. I have put 40-50 rides on her and continue to do more training. Jumps into the trailer. Good for the farrier. Rides bareback in a rope halter. Easy to back. Excellent leading manners. Rode 7 hours in Volga without shoes. Been around young children and rode by beginners in the round pen.

Lot 135: Quarter Horse Gelding: Dun Paint. 3 Year Old. 15.1 HH.

Lot 136: Registered AQHA Gelding: CC Dun Hollywood 5764330. Red Dun, Blaze, Two Left Socks. 14.1 HH. Foaled: 4/10/16. Sire: Dunt It With A Twist by Hollywood Dun It. Dam: Little Hickory River by Gabby Plays. Bloodlines going back to: Hollywood Jac 86, Peppy San Badger, Powder River Playboy and Lenata Doc. CC Dun Hollywood is a well bred, good minded 5 year old. We have raised him since a baby. He has a great stop, nice turn around and bridles well. He is very easy going and can be used in many aspects. You can trail ride him, swing a rope off him or enter him a the horse show.

Lot 140 & 141: Team Quarter Horse Geldings: Paint. 4 Years Old. Broke to ride and drive. Been to the Amish for light pulling. 

Lot 142: Quarter Horse Gelding: Light Bay. 9 Year Old. Broke to ride. 

Lot 143: Registered AQHA Gelding: Red Roan. 3 Year Old. 15.3 HH. Broke to ride. Quiet and gentle. 

Lot 146: Appaloosa Gelding: Smooth Mouth. Broke to ride. 

Lot 148: Buckskin Mare: 12 Year Old. 15 HH. Very stout built Mare. Ready to ride, crosses water and will ride everywhere. She is very gentle and loving. Trims and bathes. UTD on shots.

Lot 149: Registered AQHA Gelding: Berts Longshot 5643702. Sorrel, Star. Foaled: 4/23/12. 14.2 HH. Sire: Wizards Longshot by Whizard Jac. Dam: Berts Nancy Dee by Solono Candoo. Bloodlines going back to: Topsail Whiz, My Red Corvette, Freckles Candoo and Bonanza King Stump. Bert is a 9 year old gelding, that is a true family horse. He is a phenomenal trail horse, rides around super broke and can go to the roping pen. You can put your kids on Bert and not worry. We’ve owned him the last 5 years and hauled him all around.

Lot 150: Quarter Horse Mare: Bay. 9 Year Old. 15 HH. Broke to ride.

Lot 151: Registered AQHA Stallion: GSP Rock N Roan 5762884. Bay Roan. Foaled: 5/2/15. Sire: Docs Roan Monkey by Docs Dry Monkey. Dam: TS April Sun by PC Mr Sun Peppy. Bloodlines going back to: Dry San, Docs Super Quincy, Sun Frost and Gunna Smoke. Very well trained. Spins, slides, has been roped off of and started on cutting. Awesome to ride. Ready for any ranch job you want to do.

Lot 152: Registered AQHA Gelding: GE Frenchmans Drift. Palomino. Foaled: 3/15/19. Sire: HR Frenchmans Doc by Frost Jet. Dam: Super Fancy Chip by Mitos Apache Ghost. Bloodlines going back to: Docs Jack Frost, Frenchmans Guy, Ciderwood, Sun Frost, Frost Flash, Mitos Perfection and Leo Drift Ash. Walk, trot, lunged. Saddled and walked around the arena. Potential barrel prospect. Great demeanor and nicely built gelding with growing to do!

Lot 153: Quarter Horse Gelding: Dark Brown. 3 Year Old. 15.3 HH. Well started, needs finished.

Lot 155: Quarter Horse Mare: Palomino. 11 Year Old. Broke to ride.

Lot 156: Registered AQHA Mare: Poco Cowan 3922916. Palomino. Foaled: 4/13/2000. Sire: Poco Prince Eclipse by Agile Blackburn. Dam: Casa Viola by Casa War Bond. Bloodlines going back to: Mr Blackburn 49, Blackburn Eclipse, War Bond Leo and Lucille’s Boy. Very sweet Mare. My little kids love on her out in the pasture. In Foal for a 2022 Baby. No health issues. Teeth floated end of May.

Lot 162: Registered AQHA Mare: La Diva Dash 5516388. Brown. Foaled: 3/10/12. Sire: Borracho Galante by Dash To Chivato. Dam: Go Pro Boogie Girl by Go Pro Native. Bloodlines going back to: First Down Dash, Complete Return, Go Concord and Zach Blue.

Lot 163: Registered AQHA Gelding: Heza Proud Zip Zorro 5636279. Grey. Foaled: 6/1/13. Sire: Bet On Boogie by Mr Eye Opener. Dam: Proud Zip Zorro by Proudest Effort. Bloodlines going back to: Dash For Cash, First Down Dash, Special Effort and Cash Legacy. Zorro is a well bred, well broke gelding. Has competed in barrels and such speed events. UTD on shots, worming and feet. He’s been well cared for. Our daughters have lost interest in horses.

Lot 164: Quarter Horse Mare: Bay. 11 Year Old. 15 HH. Very stout Mare. Ready to ride, crosses water and rides anywhere you want to go. Very gentle. Trims and bathes. UTD on shots.

Lot 165: Quarter Horse Gelding: “Jordy” Buckskin. 10 Year Old. 15.3 HH. Jordy has been ridden all over the country, Big Horns, Tetons, etc., every year for the last 5 years. He is easy to handle, saddle and ride. Stands tied all day. Turn key, no training needed.

Lot 166: American Buckskin & APHA Registered Mare: An Heiress To Gold R-22250 & 1080303. Buckskin Overo. Foaled: 1/6/18. Sire: Gamble On Gold by Too Yella To Streak. Dam: Kidstheladysgotstyle by Kids Classic Style. Bloodlines going back to: Mr Yella Fella, Kid Clu, Tootsy Rolls Redford and VR Master Bug. Very good broke to ride. Shown and trail rode. Stands tied, easy to catch and good for the farrier. Outstanding composition and disposition. Perfect for 4-H showing. 2020 ABRA Youth Honor Roll Champion, Exhibiting in Mares.

Lot 167: Registered Jockey Club Mare: Angels N Boots. Foaled: 4/30/16. Sire: Kantharos by Lion Heart. Dam: My Coastie by Trippi. Bloodlines going back to: Tale Of The Cat, Southern Halo, End Sweep and Yes Its True. Career Statistics: 10 Stars, 1 Firsts, 1 Seconds, 4 Thirds, earning $11,270. Very easy to handle, stand for the farrier, loads, bathes and comes when you call her name. I bought this horse for my granddaughter and she is just too much horse for her to handle, myself, husband and grandson ride and have gotten along with her just fine. Great barrel racing prospect or broodmare.

Lot 168: Registered AQHA Mare: Zip The Money 4112644. Sorrel, Star, Strip, Snip. Foaled: 5/1/01. Sire: Zip Leaguer by Zips Chocolate Chip. Dam: Im By Money by Design By Money. Bloodlines going back to: Zippo Pine Bar, Im A Big Leaguer, Mr Sonny Money and Leo Feast. Well broke Mare. Retired from Broodmare herd. Was used as a lesson horse, trail rides well, very quiet, excellent walk-trot horse. Good with traffic.

Lot 169: Registered AQHA Stallion: K Sandy Bo II 5947299. Sorrel. Foaled: 5/30/18. Sire: Mksandybo by Mister Dual Pep. Dam: WW Okie Stars Comet by Okie Star Whiz. Bloodlines going back to: Peppy San Badger, Smart Chic Olena, Okie Paul Quixote and Silver Dollar Bay. This young Stallion with world class breeding will be an asset to anyone’s breeding program. Due to medical issues I had, he has not been started. He is very trainable and has a great disposition.

Lot 170: Morgan cross Mare: “Biscuit” Bay, Star, White Left Hind. 15 Year Old. Biscuit is a sweet Mare that has been used in a lesson program for the past 6 years. She would be best suited for someone with horse experience, but has a kind temperament to be a family horse. She is easy to catch and you can do anything with her. Has been rode Hunter, English and Western.

Lot 179: Registered APHA Gelding: SV Jack Of Hearts 1078384. Sorrel Overo. Foaled: 5/26/17. Sire: Scenic Royal Flush by HBF Iron Man. Dam: Scenic Rio Fudgy by Scenic Rio Krymsun. Bloodlines going back to: First In Command, Zippo Jack Bar, One Hot Krymsun and Hot Fudge Chip. Well broke gelding. Hunt seat prospect. Quiet and gentle. Sweet rocking chair, slow lope to him.

Lot 180: Quarter Horse Gelding: Dun Sorrel. 10 Year Old. Broke to ride. 

Lot 181: Quarter Horse Gelding: Palomino, Strip, Three White Socks. Smooth Mouth. Very well broke. Good disposition.

Lot 182: Registered APHA Mare: Sage Lazy Zippo 1098247. Dun Tobiano. Foaled: 5/12/17. 14.3 HH. Sire: Alpha Jet Step by Final Step. Dam: Lisas Lazy Bar by Just A Zippo. Bloodlines going back to: Tag Step, Mr Everything, Paint Me Zippo and J Bar Skip. 4 Year old Mare that is broke to ride. She has had about 2 Summers worth of riding done. She has tracked a few calves and has been walked on the barrel pattern. Extremely smooth and willing. Loads, bathes and stands for the farrier.

Lot 183: Quarter Horse Gelding: “Pitch” Black, Star, Snip, Two White Front Feet. Foaled: April 2007. 15.3 HH. Pitch is 14 years old, cool gentle and broke. We purchased Pitch from a Wisconsin bucking bull ranch. He has been trail ridden all over northern Wisconsin. He will ride out alone, but prefers groups. He has been ridden the last year and a half by grandkids. You don’t have to catch him, he finds you. Easy to bathe, load, worm and stands for the farrier without a lead rope.

Lot 184: Registered AQHA Mare: “Buttons” WR Frisky Whiskey 5403520. Bay. Foaled: 4/20/11. 14 HH. Sire: WR Smooth Whiskey by Paddys Irish Whiskey. Dam: Shesa Turbo by Hesa Eddie Hancock. Bloodlines going back to: Peppy San Badger, Eddies Smooth Heart, Eddie Eighty and Shot O’ Gin. Buttons has been trail rode in the Wyoming Mountains and the Midwest by teenagers. She is calm, no buck and easy to catch.

Lot 185: Registered AQHA Mare: Kyles Bar Lena. Blue Roan. Foaled: 2016. 14.2 HH. Sire: Kyles Cash Bar by Casino Star Cash. Dam: Gordon Gay Bar Lena by Lenas Jackpot. Bloodlines going back to: Lowry Star, Colonel Lorrabe, Doc O’lena and Crockett Gay Bar. Needs an intermediate/experienced rider. Trail horse. 

Lot 191: Registered AQHA Gelding: “Whiskey” Dream In Chocolate 5635983. Bay, Star, White Socks Left Side. Foaled: 6/1/14. 15.3 HH. Sire: A Dream Remembered by Invitation Only. Dam: Sippin Hot Chocolate by Chips Hot Chocolate. Bloodlines going back to: Barpassers Image, Investment Capital, Zips Chocolate Chip and The Investor. Whiskey has been shown in 4-H and local shows in Halter, Pleasure, Trail, Ranch Pleasure and Games. He has been trail rode in the Black Hills and Eminence MO. I have thrown the rope off him and tracked hot heels, would be a great ranch horse. Does great on rocky terrain and crosses the water/rivers. Hauls good, bathes and clips. Current on feet, teeth, worming and vaccines. Whiskey was my granddaughters horse and she doesn’t have time for him now, between high school and work. He is too nice of a horse to let stand around, just needs a refresher and a job to do.

Lot 192: Registered AQHA Stud Colt: Boujee Blue Boon 6010843. Bay Roan. Foaled: 5/19/20. Sire: Billy Blue Boon by Duals Blue Boon. Dam: Passum Up Easy by Rock N Bud Jr. Bloodlines going back to: Dual Pep, Doc’s Oak, Rock N Easy Boyd and Speed Lines. Halter broke. By a proven cutting Sire, out of a running bred Mare.

Lot 193: Registered APHA Gelding: Skips Texas Cruze 946623. Black & White. 11 Year Old. Sire: Half Blast Lightning. Dam: Cee Sassy Cee. Broke. Very very gentle. Great trail horse. 

Lot 194: AQHA Gelding: Buckskin. Foaled: 3/5/20. Sire: Master Kaweah by Master Remedy. Dam: Reynin Cash by TR Dual Rey. Bloodlines going back to: Docs Remedy, Bueno Chex, Dual Rey and Miss N Cash.

Lot 197: Quarter Horse Gelding: Bay. 2 Year Old. Broke to ride. Quiet. 

Lot 198: Registered Welsh Cob Gelding: G.M.A.’s Elite Spider B-46162. Black, Star. Foaled: 5/17/07. 14.1 HH. Sire: B-39841 Starr’s Spider-Man. Dam: B-40151 Mt. Ridge Giggles. Broke to ride English and Western, also started driving. Has been trail ridden all over and has also been jumped. Friendly and an easy keeper. Good for the vet and farrier. UTD on all shots, coggins, teeth, feet and deworming.

Lot 199: Registered Appendix Gelding: Bay. 18 Year Old. Off the race track. Has been trail rode. 

Lot 200: Paint Mare: Buckskin Tobiano. 23 Year Old. Approx. 15.1 HH. Great on the trails, crosses creeks, doesn’t mind if she is front or back of the trail. Used to 4-Wheelers, farm equipment and vehicles. Has done many parades, doesn’t mind the sirens or crowds. This horse does great on overnight trips, she has done several camping trips. Stands to be saddled, bridled, clipped and shod. Walks right into the trailer. This Mare rides great if you ride her every day or once a year. UTD on shots and coggins. We are selling her, because she doesn’t get rode enough and we have a granddaughter that will be starting to ride, so we need to make room for a pony.

Lot 201: Registered AQHA Gelding: “Rocket” JB Haidas Lil Bang 5450041. Sorrel. Foaled: 7/4/11. 14 HH. Sire: Uni Brow by High Brow Hickory. Dam: Haidas Chick by Haidas Little Pep. Bloodlines going back to: Doc’s Hickory, Peppy Lena San, Peppy San Badger and Docs Sugs Brudder. Rocket is a stocky, 14 hand gelding. Teenagers and Adults have trail rode him in the mountains. He is calm, easy to catch and load, backs out of the trailer good.

Lot 202: Quarter Paint Gelding: “Diesel” Red Bay, Blaze, One White Hind. 5 Year Old. Approx. 15 HH. Broke to ride gelding. Will go anywhere you ask him, through the water, etc. Used him to gather the neighbors bull that got out, he did great. Nice looking gelding. Only selling because I have other horses I use more. 

Lot 203: Quarter Horse Gelding: “Cowboy” Dun, Star. Foaled: 2010. 15 HH. Big boned horse, gentle natured, looking for a new home. 

Lot 204: Quarter Horse Gelding: “Buddy” Bay, White on Face. Foaled: 2009. 15 HH. Buddy is a 12 year old ranch broke gelding. He would be best suited for a more experienced rider. Our 14 year old rides him with no problems, but he would not be for a beginner. Handles very well, hauls and shoes with no problems. Buddy is good around others, riding alone or in a group setting. Stands tied. Has been roped off of. He is currently used to doctor calves, gather bulls, check cows and is sometimes used as a trail horse. Buddy is being offered for sale at no fault of his own. He is a great horse, he is slightly too small for my liking.

Lot 205: Registered Quarter Horse Appendix Mare: My Silent Gypsy X0646662. Bay, Star, Right Pastern White. Foaled: 5/7/05. 15 HH. Owners transitioned to gaited horses 10+ years ago, Mare has not been used since. Broke out as a 2 year old and trail ridden and used as a pack horse elk hunting. In need of a diet and back to school. Selling as unbroke.

Lot 209: Registered APHA Mare: Zips Blue Hustle Syd 833646. Brown Overo. Foaled: 5/2/05. 15.2 HH. Sire: Zippin Beau Blue by Maxs Reflection. Dam: Precious Hustler by Huslers Ole Man. Bloodlines going back to: Blue Max, Impressive Review, Red’s Hustler and Master Copy Five. Broke Western and English. Trail ridden in multiple states. Good 4-H horse. Kids and adults can ride her. She’s had at least 1 Foal. Open. Very sweet Mare. Good for the vet and farrier. UTD on all shots, coggins, teeth, feet and deworming.

Lot 210: Paint Mare: 12 Year Old. Broke to ride.

Lot 211: APHA AQHA Gelding: “Flash” Red Sorrel. Foaled: 4/28/16. Quiet and gentle. Easy keeper. Easy rider. Content alone. 

Lot 212: Dapple Grey Gelding: 12 Year Old. He is friendly, but not for beginners. Ground broke, leads, saddles, been in the show arena. 

Lot 213: Quarter Horse Mare: Black. 12 Year Old. Approx. 14.2 HH. This Mare does great around farm equipment, vehicles and has done many parades and doesn’t mind the sirens or crowd. We have camped with this Mare many times, she does great stalled or on a highline. Stands to be saddled, bridled, clipped and shod. Walks right into the trailer. UTD on shots and coggins. This Mare does great on the trails and will go wherever you point her. She does not mind if she is last or first on the trail. We are selling her, because she does not get rode enough and is too good of a horse for a pasture pet.

Lot 214: Registered Appaloosa Gelding: Bold En Cowboy Print 684644. White with Spots Over Entire Body, Silver Mane & Tail. Foaled: 6/13/14. 15.3 HH. Sire: KDJJ Vision Justice. Dam: Shameless Approval. Trail horse at Wildcat Mountain. Big Gelding.

Lot 215: Quarter cross Mare: Grey. 8 Year Old. Came off pasture 3 weeks ago. Green broke with 3 weeks riding. 

Lot 216: Mare: Red Sorrel, White Face. 12 Year Old. Broke to ride. 

Lot 218: Arabian Gelding: Bay. 10 Year Old. Trims, leads and was green broke, but has been running out. 

Lot 219: Paint Mare: 8 Year Old. Has been having foals. Club footed, but will ride. 


Monthly Horse and Tack sales are held the first Monday of the month. Tack sale starting at 8:30 AM in the East Sales Arena; Saddles and Harness will sell at 10:00 AM. Horse sale starting at 11:00 AM in the West Sales Arena.

Tack Check in:
Monday Starting at 6:30 AM

Horse Check in:
Sunday 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM 
Monday starting at 5:30 AM 

All horses require a current, original, negative coggins. Coggins are to be given to the check-in office at time of check-in. Copies will not be accepted. Lab on site to run coggins day of sale, $35.00 per horse. All represented horses and all Stud horses must sell with a halter and lead to go with the buyer.