Horses & Tack



Monthly Horse and Tack Sales
First Monday of the Month

Thank You Consignors, Buyers & Attendees
We Appreciate Your Business!

Check back for updates to the next Horse & Tack Sale!

Special Monthly Horse & Tack Sale
Monday, August 2nd, 2021!
Selling Draft Breeds, Draft cross, Haflingers, Mules, Driving Horses, Saddle Horses & Ponies!

Monthly Horse and Tack sales are held the first Monday of the month. Tack sale starting at 8:30 AM in the East Sales Arena; Saddles and Harness will sell at 10:00 AM. Horse sale starting at 11:00 AM in the West Sales Arena.

Tack Check in:
Monday Starting at 6:30 AM

Horse Check in:
Sunday 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM 
Monday starting at 5:30 AM 

All horses require a current original negative coggins. This should be presented to the check in office at time of check in. Copies will not be accepted. Federal lab on site to run coggins day of sale at $30.00 per riding horse and $15.00 per unrepresented horse. All riding and lead in horses must sell with a halter and lead to go with the buyer.