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Monthly Horse & Tack Sales
First Monday of the Month

Kalona Special
Horse & Tack Sale
Monday, August 3rd, 2020
The Tack Sale will be held Outside in the North Lot this Month at 8:30 AM – Bring your lawn chairs and make yourself at home for the day!

Horse Sale at 11:00 AM – West Sales Arena
Download Sale Flyer HERE!

Sale will start at Lot 1 with Draft and Draft x Horses,
Followed by Drivers, Mules, Saddle Horses & Ponies.

Cataloged Draft Breeds & Draft x:

Lot 1 & 2: Team Haflinger Geldings: 3 Years Old. Broke to ride and drive. Amish broke. 

Lot 3: Belgian Gelding: Sorrel, Blaze, Long Tail. Yearling. Halter broke. 

Lot 4 & 5: Team 3/4 Belgian 1/4 Quarter Horse Mare & Gelding: “Queen” & “King” Red Sorrel. 4 Years Old. 16 HH. Broke to all farm machinery. 

Lot 6 & 7: Team Draft Geldings: “Pat” & “Mike” Red Roan. 7 Years Old. Attractive team with long tails. Green broke.

Lot 8: Percheron cross Mare: “Daisey” Black & White. 4 Year Old. Used daily on the Amish farm for over a year. Broke to ride and drive, single and double. Quiet, gentle and safe for anyone. 

Lot 9: Percheron cross Gelding: “Coalie” Black. 5 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive, single and double. Used on the Amish farm with Daisey listed above. Gentle and quiet. Anyone can get along with him. 

Lot 10: Registered Belgian Mare: Hillview Missy M128198. Red Sorrel, Stripe, Light Mane & Tail. Foaled: 6/14/09. Sire: Mel Mar Vision Luck by BJ Vision. Dam: Hillview Erin by Edgewood Marcus. Bloodlines going back to: Jay-Lou Supreme, Clay-Crest Winston, Nicklaus Du Marals and Centennial Resque. Broke single and double. Has had colts. Selling open, not bred this Spring. 

Lot 11: Percheron Mare: “June” Bay. 3 Year Old. Broke to all farm equipment. Broke single and double, also broke to ride. Has never been exposed.

Lot 12 & 13: Team Haflinger Geldings: 5 & 2 Year Old. Broke to drive. 

Lot 14: Percheron Mare: Black. 21 Year Old. Used as a broodmare. Jockey stick horse. Has been worked with Belgian Mare, Lot 15. 

Lot 15: Belgian Mare: Blonde. 22 Year Old. Jockey stick or light work. Has been worked with Percheron Mare, Lot 14. 

Lot 16 & 17: Team Percheron Morgan cross Geldings: “Max” & “Marty” 11 & 12 Year Old. 16.2 HH & 16.3 HH. Broke good to all farm machinery. Good and willing workers. 

Lot 18: Belgian Gelding: “Moe” Blonde. 15 Year Old. Kid broke to all farm machinery. Broke single and double. 

Lot 19: Belgian Gelding: “Bill” 6 Year Old. Broke to all farm machinery. 

Lot 20: 3/4 Percheron cross Stud Colt: Black. Foaled: 3/31/20. Out of good working stock. Halter broke. 

Lot 21: Percheron Mare: Black. 19 Year Old. Broke real good, do anything with her. 

Lot 22: Belgian Mare: Blonde. 22 Year Old. Broke real good, do anything with her. 

Lot 23: Belgian Mare: “Molly” Blonde. 15 Year Old. Will work single or double. 

Lot 24 & 25: Team Haflinger Mares: Sorrel, Light Mane & Tail. 11 & 12 Year Old. Well broke. Been working on the Amish farm.  

Lot 26 & 27: Team Percheron cross Mares: “Bella” & “Della” 16 Years Old. Used in the hay field and to haul produce, have also been in parades.

Lot 28: Percheron Stud Colt: “Pete” Grey. Foaled: 4/22/20. Big, nice muscled baby. Halter broke. 

Lot 29: Belgian Gelding: “Sam” Blonde, Stripe, Blonde Mane & Tail. 9 Year Old. Very willing worker. 

Lot 30: Belgian Filly: “Sue” Blonde. 2 Year Old. 

Lot 31: Percheron Gelding: “Grant” Grey. Yearling. 

Lot 32: Belgian Gelding: Light Strawberry Roan, White Mane & Tail. 15 Year Old. Broke to all farm machinery. Good starter horse for someone. 

Lot 33 & 34: Team Belgian Geldings: “Ben” & “Jerry” Sorrel. 12 & 15 Year Old. 17+ HH. Been worked on all farm machinery. 

Lot 35: Registered Percheron Mare: H.G. Quin Beauty “Beauty” 309858. Black. Foaled: 5/27/13. Sire: Paradise Percherons Pasquinel by Cousteau 22702 CAN. Dam: H.G. Glorys Quin by Brgr Beau Geste. Bloodlines going back to: South Valley Prince Ha Ha 21365 CAN, Ostralien’s Arbitrator, Ironwood Beauregard 23927 CAN and Clearview Spirit. Well broke. Broodmare – her colts have a “can do” attitude. Swelling in right hock from an old injury. 

Lot 36: Draft cross Gelding: “Squirt” Grulla. Foaled: May 2019. By a 17 HH Percheron Stud and crossbred Mare.  

Lot 37 & 38: Belgian Percheron cross Stud Colts: Black. Yearling & 2 Year Old. Full Brothers. 

Lot 39: Belgian cross Gelding: “Charlie” Chestnut, Stripe. 12 Year Old. Broke to all farm machinery. Very good work horse. 

Lot 40: Gypsy Friesian cross Gelding: “Tuxedo” Dun Paint. 5 Year Old. 15 HH. Well broke to ride and drive. Traffic safe. Good on the trails.

Lot 41: Shire Paint cross Mare: 15 Year Old. 15.1 HH. Quiet and gentle. Broke for anybody. 

Lot 42: Haflinger Pony cross Gelding: “Blaze” Sorrel, Four White Socks. 14 Year Old. School children drove him 4 miles to school. Anybody can drive him. Can be kind of restless to hitch up. 

Lot 43: Percheron Quarter cross Filly: “Cali” Buckskin. 2 Year Old. Quiet and friendly. Home raised, never been to town. Lots of ground work, loads and ties. Sired by an old-style Percheron and out of a Smart Little Lena Mare. 

Cataloged Drivers: 

Lot 44: Percheron STBD cross Mare: Dark Bay. 5 Year Old. Broke, she is hot. Exposed to a Percheron cross Stallion. 

Lot 45: 1/4 Friesian 1/4 Morgan 1/2 STBD Filly: “Missy” Yearling. 

Lot 46: Dutch STBD cross Gelding: “Bobby” Bay, Four White Socks. 6 Year Old. 16.2 HH. Big, stretchy gelding that is buggy broke. Traffic safe and travels good. 

Lot 47: Bay Mare: 19 Year Old. Record of 1:56.2. Sired by Muscles Yankee. Broodmare. Selling open. 

Lot 48: DHH Morgan cross Gelding: “Barry” 5 Year Old. Traffic safe. Lady broke. Ready for the miles. 

Lot 49: 3/4 STBD 1/8 Morgan 1/8 Belgian Gelding: Bay. 13 Year Old. TSS. 

Lot 50: STBD Mare & Stud Colt: Bay. 18 Year Old. Broodmare. 2 Week Old Stud Colt at side. 

Lot 51: Morgan STBD cross Gelding: Black, Star, Two White Socks. Smooth Mouth. TSS. Dawdy horse. 

Lot 52: Morgan Mare: Black. Approx. 13 Year Old. Broodmare that drives. Has raised good colts.  

Lot 53: STBD Gelding: Bay. 10 Year Old. Well broke. 

Lot 54: Registered DHH STBD cross Mare (DHH Assoc.): “Melody” Bay, Four White Socks. 2 Year Old. Halter broke. Bred to Keystone Noble. 

Lot 55: STBD Mare: “Lady” Bay. 13 Year Old. 15 HH. Really well broke to ride and drive. Beginner or dawdy horse.

Cataloged Ponies & Donkeys:

Lot 56: Hackney STBD cross Mare: Bay, Stripe. 5 Year Old. Broke to ride. 

Lot 57: Gelding Pony: “Spankey” Black. 12 Year Old. 40 – 42.” Spankey is a broke little pony! He has been in parades, rodeos and trail rides. He is a babysitter.

Lot 58: POA Mare: 10 Year Old. 13.2 HH. Green broke. Trails alone or in a group. UTD on shots. 

Lot 61: Gelding Pony: “Flash” Bay Paint. 2 Year Old. 47.” Well broke to ride and drive. 

Lot 67: Mare Pony: “Strawberry” 7 Year Old. Rode some, mainly used as a broodmare. Exposed to a Buckskin Stud Pony. 

Lot 68: Gelding Pony: “Donald” Black & White Paint. 2 Year Old. 47.” Well broke to ride and drive. TSS. Pony harness will also sell. 

Lot 69: Mare Pony: “Cindy” Black. 4 Year Old. 48.” Broke to ride and drive. TSS. 60 Days driving. 

Lot 77: Gelding Pony: “Ronald” Sorrel & White Paint. 2 Year Old. 48.” Broke to ride and drive. TSS. 

Lot 78: Gelding Pony: “Reggie” Black & White Paint. 3 Year Old. 46.” Broke to ride and drive. TSS. Currently driven by the school children. Would make a great trail riding pony. 

Lot 79: Quarter Pony Gelding: “Kit Kat” Brown. 16 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. Gentle for the whole family. 

Lot 89: Mare Pony: “Beulah” Black & White Paint. 3 Year Old. 40.” Well broke to ride and drive. Exposed to a 47″ Black & White Paint Stud Pony. Pony Harness and Cart will also sell. 

Lot 90 & 91: Welsh Pony Mare and Colt: “Izzy” Bay. 4 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. “Ike” Bay Stud Colt at side. 4 Months Old.

Lot 108: Gelding Pony: “Buddy” Paint. 7 Year Old. 40.” Not for beginners. Would make a good experienced children’s school pony. 

Lot 109: Gelding Pony: Sorrel, Dark Mane & Tail. 3 Year Old. 13 HH. Broke to ride.  

Lot 110: Gelding Pony: “Sammy” Sorrel, Star, Strip, Snip, Two White Socks. 6 Year Old. 46.” Well broke to ride, drive and hitch. Been a school pony for the last year. TSS. 

Lot 120: Gelding Pony: Sorrel, Light Mane & Tail. 3 Year Old. 13 HH. Broke to ride and drive. 

Lot 121: Mini Donkey Gelding: “Kevin” Brown & White Spotted. 6 Year Old. Very gentle. Broke to lead and ride. 

Lot 124 & 125: Team Gelding Ponies:”Bill” & “Bob” 12 & 13 Year Old. 50.” Bill and Bob are traffic safe. Been on wagon trains in MO and KY. Sound and easy to drive. If you want a team to learn how to drive, these are your guys! Collars and harness will also sell.

Lot 126: Stallion Pony: “Jet” Black & White Paint. 12 Year Old. 44.” Broke to ride and drive. Proven breeder. Not quite sound for a lot of riding and driving. 

Lot 127: Mare Pony: “Rose” Black & White Paint. 4 Year Old. 38.5.” Broke to ride and drive. Nice, calm disposition. Exposed to 44″ Black & White Stud Pony Lot 126.

Lot 128: Mare Pony: “Midget” Black & White Paint. 5 Year Old. 37.” Broke to ride and drive. The school boys can driver her, but she has some spunk. Exposed to 44″ Black & White Stud Pony Lot 126.

Lot 134: Mare Pony: Paint. 16 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. Exposed to a Paint Stallion. 

Lot 132: Mare Pony: “Asia” Sorrel. 15 Year Old. 50.” Kid broke to ride. Well broke to drive. TSS. She is blind in one eye. 

Lot 134: Mare Pony: Paint. 16 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. Exposed to a Paint Stallion. 


Lot 62 & 63: Pair Gelded Mules: Black. Approx. 6 & 7 Year Old. 14 HH. They are a perfect match. Used on the wagon and baler. Excellent pulling team. One is a little restless when hitching, but will go right off. Selling, because I don’t have enough work for them. 

Lot 72: Gelded John Mule: 14 Year Old. Seasoned trail mule that will haul just about anybody down the trails and through the water and brush.

Lot 80: Molly Mule: “Mabel” Black, White Legs, Black Mane & Tail. 19 Year Old. 15.1 HH. Mabel has been ridden by a 60 year old woman, who can no longer ride due to health. She has been trail rode in Northeast Iowa and rode in the flat top wilderness in Colorado. 

Lot 95: Paint Molly Mule: “Oh Golly Molly” 5 Year Old. This Mule has the biggest heart and will do anything you ask of her. She has been to the mountains, hunting camp and has trail rode in places I was scared to look down. I have roped off her, worked cows on her and drug calves to the branding pen with her. She will work all day long, then when you’re done, take her on a cool down ride while drinking a cold one! She will outlast any horse you put her next to. Safe for babies, kids, adults and grand-parents. She has a special place in my heart, it will be hard to let her go.

Cataloged Saddle Horses:

Lot 59: Kentucky Mountain Gelding: “Crusader” Bay, Black Front Legs, White Hind Stockings, Brown/Black Mane & Tail. 15 Year Old. 16.2 HH. Crusader is a gaited trail horse. We have owned him the last 10 years. He is not a beginners horse. Likes to move out gaited and canter. Will need maintenance to stay sound, due to mild navicular in the right front foot. Currently ridden. UTD on shots, worming, farrier and teeth. Saddle, Breast Collar, Bridle and Pad will also sell.

Lot 60: Walkaloosa Mare: 5 Year Old. 14.2 HH. Thick made. Trail ridden. Raised a foal last year, produced good milk and color! Easy keeper and fun to ride.

Lot 64: Registered AQHA Gelding: Zans Frosty Fox. Bay. Foaled: 5/4/05. Sire: Jack A Zan by Zans Last Light. Dam: Docs Frosty Chantell by Docs Frosty Fox. Bloodlines going back to: Zan Parr Bar, Joe Go Quick, Doc’s Jack Frost and Peppys Doc Dakota. This is an AQHA Gelding coming from the big country of Montana. He has seen it all from elk, moose, grizzly and bison. He is my main ranch horse. He has been ranched on his whole life. Ropes, doctors, pulls a sled great, will hold a cow, been in the branding pen and will give you his heart all day. Safe for kids, adults and everyone in between. Been-there-done-that horse. Been hauled and has mileage under him.

Lot 65: Quarter Horse Mare: Bay. Kid broke. 

Lot 66: Gaited Gelding: 11 Year Old. Excellent on the trails. Four beat naturally gaited, smooth as silk. Will go all day. Ridden successfully by riders of all levels.

Lot 70: Registered AQHA Gelding: Quincys Fancy War 5188764 “Mikey.” Dun. Foaled: 5/9/09. 15 HH. Sire: Map Driftwood Quincy by Tallywood Do It. Dam: Fancy War Flower by Watch War Leo Poco. Bloodlines going back to: Tally Man, Delightfully Clever, War Leo Poco and Yellow Bar Pal. “Mikey” is well bred and beautiful to look at. He is very willing to go and do a days work or sit around in the yard until someone is ready to take him riding. He is safe, gentle and very well trained.  

Lot 71: Quarter type Appaloosa Gelding: 8 Year Old. 15 HH. Trail ridden and used in the feedlots of Missouri. Really gentle and easy to handle for any level rider.

Lot 73: Registered AQHA Mare: Aj Sanwoods Spirit 5877136 “Willow”. Bay Roan. Foaled: 6/3/18. Sire: Rh Valentine Spirit by Funnyb Muchaleohayes. Dam: Sanwoods Kandy Tivio by Tkm Sanwood. Bloodlines going back to: Leo Hancock Hayes, Cowboys Smooth Play, Ciderwood and Mount Tivio. AQHA papers, bred to do something! Home raised. We own the stud & mare she is out of. Halter broke. Ready to start!

Lot 74: Quarter Horse Gelding: “Tiny Tim” Black. 6 Year Old. Don’t let his size fool you, he’s got heart. Also comes out of the big country of Montana. Been used on the ranch, feedlot and trail rode. Good, all around 6 year old with many miles to go.

Lot 75: Registered AQHA Mare: Frosty Blanton Belle 5765523. Bay, Left Rear Sock. Foaled: 4/16/16. 15.1 HH. Sire: Fiftys Blue Frost by Docs Nifty Bar King. Dam: Blanton Belle Star by Rawhide Blanton. Bloodlines going back to: King Poueno, Smoke Fifty, Red Mark Blanton and Never So Lucky. Purchased as a 2 year old to train and re-sell. Rides away from the barn alone great. Ridden around farms and roadsides. Lopes circles. Moves off legs at lope. Side passes. Flexes. Will fill out final in 1-2 years.

Lot 76: Bay Gelding: 12 Year Old. Quiet and gentle. Broke for anybody. 

Lot 81: Paint Mare: 12 Year Old. Good trail horse. Neck reins. Rides nice and quiet.

Lot 82: Quarter Horse Gelding: “Dunny” Dun. 12 Year Old. 15.2 HH. Dunny is a big, shapey and strong horse. He is safe for anyone who can get on him. Dunny is a perfect family horse. 

Lot 83: Quarter Horse Mare: Bay Roan. 10 Year Old. 15 HH. Level headed. Trail horse, been on overnight camping trips and used checking fences.

Lot 84: Quarter Horse Gelding: “Spencer” Buckskin. 19 Year Old. 15.3 HH. Good, light trail riding horse. Was used as a team roping horse. He does have arthritis in his knees and hocks, will require maintenance to be sound when riding. Very nice horse. Easy keeper. UTD on everything. He will be your best friend when you get to know him.

Lot 85: Registered AQHA Gelding: Sensational 5262285 “Sonny”. Sorrel. Foaled: 3/1/10. 16 HH. Sire: Self Employed by Sirprizeriffic. Dam: Heats And Arrows by The Mannequin. Bloodlines going back to: Pageriffic, Page Impressive, Approval and Tardee Impressive. Sonny was shown extensively at halter. After retiring from the show ring, he has become a very nice trail horse. 

Lot 86: Registered APHA Gelding: Touchdown Terry 1062224. Sorrel & White. 4 Year Old. Been shown in the Paint circuit. Ready to go. 

Lot 87: Quarter Horse Gelding: “Kodi” Sorrel, Strip, Snip, Three White Socks. 7 Year Old. 16 HH. Kodi is a big and strong gelding, with a good solid mind. He rides well and is looking for a job. He is considered green broke, but was sent to a trainer and spent 60 days in Wyoming gathering cattle off a mountain. He loves to work and has never bucked. He stands very well to have his feet trimmed and is easy to catch in the pasture. He’s always the one to come up and see what’s going on. Kodi is a special horse. Selling due to having to move.

Lot 88: Paint Gelding: 18 Year Old. 14.3 HH. Quiet and gentle. Broke for anybody. 

Lot 92: Quarter Horse Gelding: “Memphis” Black, Star. 17 Year Old. 15.3 HH. Broke for all ages. Great for any level of rider. Ties, clips and hauls great. Likes baths. Stands for the farrier. Gentle, gentle, gentle! In your pocket type of horse. Gets along with other horses. Saddles up great. Very dog friendly and traffic safe. Used as a lesson horse.

Lot 93: Quarter Horse Mare: “Rose” Sorrel, One Hind Sock. 2 Year Old. Very quiet and friendly. Easy to catch, she trims and loads well. Has been saddled, lead kids around. Lots of ground work has been done, ready to start. Selling due to no fault of hers. 

Lot 94: Ranch Gelding: “Max” 12 Year Old. Very handy.

Lot 96: Quarter Horse Mare: Buttermilk Buckskin. 13 Year Old. Coming off from a riding stables. Trail ridden extensively. Super gentle and well mannered. Suitable for any level rider.

Lot 97: Quarter Horse Gelding: “Ranger” Red Dun. 12 Year Old. 16.3 HH. Used for ranch sorting and ranch work. Trail riding and trail competition. All around gelding.

Lot 98: Quarter Horse Gelding: “Trent” Bay. 7 Year Old. 15.3 HH. Trent has mostly been used as a family horse for trail riding and parades. He has also been used on small cattle gatherings and he is not afraid of cattle. Trent is safe, gentle and well trained. He will go where he is asked to go.   

Lot 99: Quarter Horse Gelding: “Drifter” Bay, Two Hind Socks. 14 Year Old. 15.3 HH. Drifter is an all around been-there-done-that kinda gelding. He knows how to work a cow and has been ranching most of his career. He has roped, drug calves and trail rode. Easy to catch and easy to keep. Stands very well for the farrier. Never had any issues with him and other horses, friendly in the pasture. Comes right up to the gate to be petted. Selling due to having to move.


Lot 100: Paint Mare: “Diva” 5 Year Old. Approx. 14.2 HH. Diva has had 120 days on the barrel pattern. Tracked calves and have roped the dummy off from her. Was ridden in the mountains of Wyoming in June. Barefoot, has never taken a lame step. Easy to catch. Not for a beginner and needs more wet saddle pads. She will make an outstanding athlete when she is finished. I’ve owned her since she was a yearling.

Lot 101: Double Registered APHA & AQHA Mare: Cheers For Me 1071507. Solid Sorrel, Full Stripe. 3 Year Old. Has checked cattle and been used on the farm, also trail rode. 

Lot 102: Paint Appaloosa cross Gelding: “Oreo” 8 Year Old. Approx. 14 HH. Oreo is a fun loving, sharp looking, inquisitive gelding that just needs someone to play with. He is first to the gate and loves to be around people. He is well behaved on the ground such as brushing, saddling, vet and farrier work. He has been trail ridden and rides out on his own or with others. He also loves to run and has been ridden on barrels and poles. Oreo has super smooth gaits and is easy to sit and ride. He gets along well with the other horses and does well on pasture or stalled. I’ve ridden him in a bridle and in halter/lead rope, with saddle and bareback. He does tend to be a little skittish in a new environment, but calms down quickly. His go-to reaction is to move away from the distraction quickly, but will stop when asked. I purchased him a year ago for my 7 year old grandson. Unfortunately, my grandson was not quite ready for a horse with more go than whoa and really didn’t have the level of interest in horses I was hoping for. Oreo is a blast to ride for anyone who has some experience riding a horse. He would make a great companion for someone who has some miles under their belt and wants to build a relationship with a fun horse who likes to go fast. Previous owner used Oreo on play days and he has been ridden English.

Lot 103 & 104: POA Mare & Filly: 4 Year Old. 13.2 HH. We have had her for 2 years. Used her for cross country trail riding. She will ride off great and very quiet. Trailers well. 100% sound to ride and breed. 4 Month Old Filly, will sell separate. Sired by AQHA Peptoboonsmal.

Lot 105: Registered APHA Gelding: Splash My Cool Tin “Jaxson” 1021048. Sorrel Overo. Foaled: 5/4/12. Sire: Cool Mr Splash by Cool Mr Jiggs. Dam: My Tin Quincy by Tin Sequel. Bloodlines going back to: Pretentiously, Sir Quinto, Tin Man and Dontchaluv Quincy. Potential show horse deluxe. Rides western or english and has shown halter/showmanship. Very comfortable to ride. Good feet, always been sound, no need for shoes. Good ground manners. Clips, bathes, loads and ties. No bite, kick, rear or buck. Color and confirmation. Will walk and trot around forever. More whoa than go. Just trimmed. Coggins pulled and papers with transfer. UTD on shots for Spring.

Lot 106: Quarter Horse Mare: 9 Year Old. Ranch handy.

Lot 107: Bay Paint Gelding: “Big Papa” 13 Year Old. Used extensively on the ranch as a go-to horse for interns. Was a pen back horse in the sale barn and worked in the feedlot. Would be great as a using horse, or just a trail horse. Safe for the older kids and adults. Rides in a hack, but has a good mind and gentle heart.

Lot 111: Quarter Horse Gelding: “Cowboy” Bay Roan. 9 Year Old. Been used on the ranch to check cattle. Good ranch horse.  

Lot 112: Ranch Gelding: 10 Year Old. 15 HH. Handy broke. Checks a large group of cattle on a daily basis. Has roped feeder calves and used in the breakaway pen. Trail rode extensively. Easy to catch and handle. Suitable for any level rider.

Lot 113: Registered Appaloosa Mare: SFL Marky Too 684281. Leopard Appaloosa. 3 Year Old. Just started. Has been shown a couple of times. 

Lot 114: Registered AQHA Gelding: Chief Lucky Buck “Buck” X0676788. Sorrel. Foaled: 5/15/08. Sire: Perkin Chief by Dash For Perks. Dam: Bucks Last Rose by Two D’s Buck. Bloodlines going back to: Dash For Cash, Cascade Chief, Two Do Two and Cabin Bee. Buck is a stout made gelding. He is a finished 3 D barrel horse. Trail ridden all over the Midwest. TSS. Very personable!

Lot 115: Buckskin Gelding: 5 Year Old. Good using horse.

Lot 116: Paint Mare: Morning Star “Star” 10 Year Old. Well built, big and powerful mare with a lot of speed. Needs an experienced rider. 

Lot 117: Registered Appaloosa Mare: My Little Cajun “Katy” 670441. Chestnut or Sorrel, Star, Stripe, Snip, Hind Stockings. Foaled: 4/17/12. Approx. 15 HH. Sire: Coolest Cajun 652659. Dam: Shes Only Kiddin AQHA X598873. Katy has had 60 days of professional training, but she has only been trail ridden occasionally. Needs an experienced rider. Very gentle and sound. She has had one foal and is an excellent mother. Selling due to limited time to use her, she is too nice to just sit in the pasture.

Lot 118: Quarter Horse Mare: 7 Year Old. 14.3 HH. Previously used as a lesson horse. Has been trail ridden and has raised a couple foals. Really gentle and easy to handle.

Lot 119: Registered APHA Gelding: Hes With Me 925570. Sorrel, White Hind Legs. Foaled: 4/7/07. 16 HH. Sire: He Suddenly Famous by A Sudden Impulse. Dam: Zip It With Me by Zipped N Barred. Bloodlines going back to: Impulsions, Skip’s Brick, Zippo Pat Bars and Sonny Dee Bar. Big, shapey gelding, wide with a big hip and shoulder. Has been trail ridden by the grand-kids, then had some time off, because the kids started driving and dating. Rides beautiful in the arena and trail. Give him a job and he will go all day! Broke and very responsive. Tiny little western jog. Leads, loads, ties, trailers, bathes, etc. Great in the pasture with other horses. The farrier says he is excellent. He’s the kind you want. Bought 5 years ago for $6k, he will hold his value. Just trimmed. UTD on shots and deworming. Coggins and registration papers ready.

Lot 122: Registered AQHA Gelding: Dj Roan Duster “DJ” 3321140. Red Roan. Foaled: 6/14/94. Sire: Roan Charmer by Strawberry Jack. Dam: Miss Golden Betsy by Sunrise Gold Bo. Bloodlines going back to: Two Eyed Jack, Star Eyed Jack, Skip’s Bo and Sir Relic. I bought this horse 10 years ago. He came from a South Dakota ranch. When I bought him he had 2 children riding him. DJ has never bucked or reared. My grand-kids have ridden him off and on for the last 8 years. 

Lot 123: Paint Morgan cross Gelding: 8 Year Old. 15.1 HH. Big, stout horse that will pack you wherever you want to go. Gentle and ready for a job.

Lot 129: Paint Mare: 8 Year Old. Broke to ride and drive. Could use more driving. Quiet disposition. 

Lot 130: Missouri Fox Trotting Mare: “Coco” Black, Strip, Two White Socks. 11 – 14 Years Old. 14.2 HH. Coco is very friendly and easy to catch. She trims, loads and saddles/bridles well. She is green broke.

Lot 131: Paint Gelding: “Sinatra” 14 Year Old. 15.3 HH. Family owned. Been on trail rides, parades, cattle sorting. Been around kids, dogs and motorcycles. Trailers and stalls well. Out of a regisered stud and a quarter pony.

Lot 133: Registered APHA Mare: Gold Creek Rideher “Chica” 1063733. Black Tobiano. Foaled: 3/22/16. Sire: Ttc Pocos Oreo Cookie by Last Midnight. Dam: Miss Charm Flashy Doc by Flashy Chico. Bloodlines going back to: Concerto, Yo Chance, Jh Blue Flying Thu and Jack Wilson. Chica has a good start. Trail ridden. Carried flags in the Tri-State Rodeo grand entry. Loves kids and attention. Easy to catch, if she doesn’t catch you first. Stands tied. Been on over-night camping trips. Rides off by herself. Has ponied. Can go in any direction.

Uncataloged Horses Starting at Lot 135

The Tack Sale will be held Outside in the North Lot this Month at 8:30 AM – Bring your lawn chairs and make yourself at home for the day!

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Sunday 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Monday starting at 5:30 AM

All horses require a current original negative coggins. This should be presented to the check in office at time of check in. Copies will not be accepted. Federal lab on site to run coggins day of sale at $30.00 per riding horse and $15.00 per unrepresented horse. All riding and lead in horses must sell with a halter and lead to go with the buyer.